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Top 5 QR Code Generators


QR codes are an exciting way to get people reading and interacting with your content on the internet. Since almost everyone carries a smartphone these days, it is very quick and easy for anyone to scan a QR code and visit your website, view a video or product description, without the need to type in a lengthy URL.
Anyone can create their own QR code for free with a QR code generator online, by default most QR codes are black and white and relatively simple in design, however there are some web apps that provide other functionality and additional design options.
With the many QR code generators that exist on the internet it can be difficult to decide on which is the best.

Top 5 QR Code Generators

Qr Stuff

QR Stuff makes it easy to create a QR code for a variety of purposes, App downloads, Paypal buy now buttons and even enabling the ability to log into private Wi-Fi. Once you have created a QR code with QR Stuff you can then order it on products such as t-shirts, mugs, keyrings etc. by online payment. Colors are free however the ability to add logos costs money. Premium pricing starts at $3.95 for 1 day access, monthly subscriptions start at $11.95 per month.

QR Code Generator

If you want to make a quick and easy QR in black and white QR Code Generator is one of the easiest solutions to create a QR code for a variety of purposes, SMS messages, PDF’s, Facebook like etc..
QR Code Generator has a simplified free generator, however paid options provide the ability to create dynamic qr codes, image galleries and MP3 music content. Premium features are available in a 14 day free trial however after this period the price starts at $5 per month. The only downside is that you must commit to a year.


Kaywa offers more of an enterprise solution and does not offer free QR codes. They are aimed at companies that want the ability to track and analyze their QR codes and how many scans they get.
Kawya do however offer the ability to create a QR coupon, which is a very valuable feature for many small and local businesses. QR coupons can be put on flyers, business cards or anything really! The service costs from $13.75 per month.

QR Crazy

QR Crazy is one of the only QR code generators to allow users to place their QR code directly into a graphic frame. Although this feature is premium only, users can create a QR code with a frame for free with a premium trial.
Other features include dynamic QR Codes, the ability to upload logo or other graphic, limitless color choices and other edits. Premium membership starts at $5 per month, with the ability to cancel at any time.


Uqr is a very sophisticated solution for creating highly customized, branded QR codes. They offer an easy to use solution for a wide range of QR codes. You cannot create a QR code without registering, however there is a free option available which offers unlimited scans and some basic tracking.
Premium features include custom redirection message before showing your content, statistics on location and more. uQR has been used by many top brands in their QR campaigns, including Audi, Addidas, Pepsi and more.

When deciding to create a QR code, there are many generators to choose from. These are just some of the best available and each have their own advantages.
Remember that if you want the ability to track and make edits to your QR code, you should probably go for a service that offers some form of registration, without this there is no way to change anything or fix errors once your code has been created.