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Which Proxy Server Should I Use?


Accessing different site can be a problem due to geographical restriction. But this should not stop you from moving ahead as well. This is where the Proxy server comes in. You must decide what proxy server you should go for. There is both free and paid version. Each has its own perks, but it comes down to whether you want to spend money or not.

Here we have listed the top proxy server both free and paid versions that you can go for.



  • Hidester, in short, is Simple, safe and fast. You do not need to download any application. Just go to the link and search your webpage anonymity
  • There is no 3rd party server involved. Each access is SSL layered to protect your identity. All the web activity is 100% encrypted with 128-bit encryption technique. They do not keep logs of the site you accessed, so you remain anonymous.
  • Hidester is not limited to only masking your IP. You can choose the level of anonymity, speed, the type, speed and even the port while accessing the webpage.


Whoer Web Proxy

  • Here we have another free web proxy. This is a simple web proxy which masks your IP, offers a wide server selection to keep you anonymous.
  • Here you have a lot of servers as an option. You can select the random server which will choose any server for you, or you can go for a specific one. The IP will be masked based on the best DNS servers you choose.
  • The downside is that it displays a large banner of ads on the top which you cannot remove. There is an option too but it yearly to remove the add and increase the speed. If you are not bothered by the add, then you are ready to go.


  • Now moving to a paid proxy that you can go for. VyprVPN offers over 70+ servers worldwide with over 200,000+ IPs to select from.
  • Here you do not have any restriction. It provides high security which encrypts the traffic and high speed, so you do not slow down. The app is made for many OS like Windows, Mac Android and many other.
  • VyprVPN comes with two plans to select from. The basic plan and a premium plan. You also get a 50% discount for choosing any plan for the first month. If you do not like it, you have 30 days money back plan.


  • CyberGhost is another paid VPN to go for. It also has a free proxy service. But if you want more security and better speed the VPN is the one.
  • CyberGhost VPN offers full encryption of all your traffic with access to all the servers that are available. Your IP is masked, so you remain anonymous. The speed is not compromised you can access anything at full speed.
  • CyberGhost comes with three easy to use plan based on time. You have a plan per month, per 6 months and lastly annually. You get 55% discount when you buy the yearly package.

Here are some examples of the proxy servers you can use to enhance the internet security. Now you can choose the perfect gateway to enter to the broad networking platform.

Last word

You will never want to make a compromise with your data security. So, before choosing a proxy server, be sure about it’s providing services and the reputations. Never let to go your sensitive information in the wrong hand.