Dressing Up Those Nurse Scrubs

nurse scrubs

If your chosen profession is nursing, then you will be all too well acquainted with the ordinariness of the style of your nurses uniform.  Nurse scrubs are great, don’t get me wrong – there is no question as to the practical, comfortable style and fabrics used in this everyday work wear.  And it doesn’t stop there; everything you wear has to be practical, comfortable and durable, right down to your non-slip footwear.  This makes a lot of sense but it doesn’t necessarily provide you with much in the way of joy when it comes to getting dressed for work.

Dress Them Up

So, how can you create your individual style given the very basic design of these uniforms?  Many nurses still like to show a little personality while going about this incredibly necessary and important work.  One way to do this is to take a look at the great choices there are in Nurses Watches now.  You might be a no-frills person and prefer something purely practical, something with bold clear numbering and a simple no-fuss design, which is also a winner for male nurses.  Or you might want to ‘glam’ it up a bit with a sparkling circle of crystals and a choice of gold, silver or rose gold casing and chain.  There are plenty of options to choose from now and so you might as well have a Nurses Watch that you really like and that suits your personality.  Not only can you choose a watch face to suit any taste, but the chain and clips also come in a variety of personal styles.

You can put a smile on your patients’ faces with a cartoon character or happy face clip or you can take a more serious approach with a watch face or clip featuring a red cross.  One favourite is a delightful crystal encrusted watch with a heart shaped, crystal encrusted chain, absolutely irresistible!  Of course you want to be sure that all the numbers are clear and easy to read and that your watch has quality quartz movement as well.  It’s worth taking a look at Fobandco if you would like to brighten up your day with one of these little treasures; or you might want to delight someone special and gift them a Nurses Watch, beautifully packaged in a stylish bamboo box.