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This Week In Entertainment: Joker, Blizzard, and More


Joker Smashes October Box Office Record

Warner Bros’ new hit movie Joker smashed October’s record at the domestic box office. Even with controversy and security concerns, the movie made $93.5M in its opening weekend. In addition, it stands as the biggest October launch of all time. Joker also toppled the previous record holder, Venom, which sits at $80M.

The movie, which stars Joaquin Phoenix, depicts a stand-up comedian falling into madness. However, due to the 2012 Aurora, CO shooting, many people have spoken against the movie. In response, police tightened security around theatres. Plus, some theatres banned masks and costumes for Joker showings.

Blizzard Targeted With Boycotts After Banning Player

Blizzard is currently under fire after they banned a Hong Kong player when he called for a “political revolution”. On Tuesday, Blizzard banned Ng Wai Chung, also known as “Blitzchung,” from a worldwide tournament for the online card game Hearthstone. Almost immediately, social media exploded in outrage over the ban, calling for a boycott against Blizzard and their games.

In addition, Mark Kern, a video game designer for Blizzard, joined the boycott on Wednesday, canceling his subscription to World of Warcraft, the game he helped create. “We are in a situation where unlimited Communist money dictates our American values,” he tweeted. “We censor our games for China, we censor our movies for China. Now, game companies are silencing voices for freedom and democracy.”

Jane Fonda Arrested In Washington DC

Police arrested actress Jane Fonda for participating in a climate change rally. Officially, she was charged with “crowding, obstructing or incommoding”. In addition, she one of the 16 people arrested. In a video, police appear to be taking Fonda into custody with her hands zip-tied behind her back. However, reps for the actress didn’t respond to a request to comment.

Ginger Baker Dies At 80

Ginger Baker, drummer for the 60s band Cream, died at 80 on Sunday. The band released four groundbreaking albums that brought together blues, psychedelic rock, and hard rock before disbanding in 1968. Last month, Baker’s family announced that he was critically ill. “We are very sad to say that Ginger has passed away peacefully in hospital this morning,” a notice on Baker’s Twitter feed said on Sunday.

Drew Barrymore To Host Daytime Talk Show

Actress Drew Barrymore is getting her own daytime talk show. The show, beginning in the fall of 2020, will place her among stars like Whoopi Goldberg and Ellen DeGeneres. A pilot for the show was shot in August. “It is beyond my wildest dreams to have this opportunity for a daily talk show. I’m truly thrilled and honored to be creating this show with CBS,” Barrymore said.