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This Week in Entertainment: K-Pop, Kylie Harris, and More


Former K-Pop Star Found Dead

Police found former K-pop star Cha In-Ha dead in his home on Wednesday. He is the third South Korean to die over the past few months. Currently, people are raising concerns that intense social pressures are driving young artists to suicide. In addition, In-Ha’s former manager said that the K-pop star was taking a break from performing due to depression and panic attacks.

A police official said that they didn’t know the cause of death. The singer-actor had left an Instagram post the day before he died, with a single-line message to his fans: “Everyone be careful not to catch the cold.” However, there was no suggestion that he had received the same threats others in his industry faced.

Kylie Rae Harris Was Three Times Over Legal Limit

Police determined that country star Kylie Rae Harris’ blood-alcohol level was three times over the legal limit in her fatal car crash. Back in September, her and 16-year-old Marie Elena Cruz died in a crash that involved three vehicles. In addition, data shows that she was travelling at 102mph at the time of her first collision.

Her first collision sent her into oncoming traffic, where she struck Cruz’s vehicle. A toxicology report determined that Harris’ blood alcohol concentration was .28. Police pronounced both Cruz and Harris dead at the scene. In addition, the first collision didn’t harm the driver of the other car.

The Who Return To Cincinnati 40 Years After Tragedy

British rock band The Who will return to Cincinnati for the first time since 1979 when a stampede outside their concert killed 11. Hordes of fans rushed through the gates after hearing the band start their soundcheck, thinking that they had started the concert. The Who continued with the concert, unaware of the tragedy that had occurred.

Singer Roger Daltrey visited victims’ relatives and survivors of the stampede last year. “Since going there I’ve felt a lot better about it, but every time it comes round to December 3rd, it’s in my mind,” he said. In addition, the band will donate a portion of ticket proceeds to the families of the victims.

Harvey Weinstein Violated Terms Of Release

Prosecutors claim that Harvey Weinstein violated the terms of his release, asking a judge to increase his bond from $1M to $5M. “The bottom line, judge, is this man could fly out on a private jet which he does and go to another country,” assistant DA Joan Iluzzi-Orbon said. She also claims that Weinstein has been untraceable in multiple outings. Currently, Weinstein will go to trial on January 6th. He faces up to life in prison on five counts of predatory sexual assault, criminal sex act and rape involving allegations from three women.

John Boyega Left Star Wars Script Under Bed

Rise of Skywalker star John Boyega said that he left his script under his bed and that it had ended up for sale on eBay. He said that a cleaner had found the script and put it up for sale online. “I was moving apartments and I left the script under my bed. I was just like, you know what, I’ll leave it under my bed,” Boyega said on Wednesday. “When I wake up in the morning I’ll take it and move, but my boys came over and, you know, we started partying a little bit and then the script just, it just stayed there.”