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Five Activity Ideas for An 18th Birthday Present


Everyone should remember turning 18, and there is nothing like a spectacular gift to really make the day memorable. If you are looking for some unusual ideas, here are five suggestions for unique 18th birthday gifts that will stay with them forever.

Zombie Survival Experience


Could they survive the next zombie apocalypse? Well, here is their chance to find out. They can experience a full day trying to stay alive during a zombie uprising. They’ll have to find out how the zombies were created, and try very hard to get away from them equipped only with a gun and their wits. As long as they finish the day without their brains being eaten, they are sure to remember this birthday treat for a long time.

Make Your Very Own Perfume


If Beyonce can do it, so can you. Your favourite 18-year-old can pretend to be one of the top celebrities and create their own unique fragrance. They will spend the day learning about which scents complement each other, and how fragrances are created. The chance will them come for them to make their own perfume from a large range of ingredients. Their totally unique perfume, containing all their favourite scents will be registered, and they will be able to take home a sample of it. Finally, they can enjoy an afternoon tea with the added bonus of a little champagne; it is their birthday after all.

Track Experience

There are very few people who wouldn’t love to drive around in a supercar. It may not be possible for everyone to own one, and it is particularly unlikely for an 18-year-old. However, it is possible to choose the car of your dreams and try it out at racetracks across the UK. There are many driving experience companies which offer special discounts for 18th birthday gifts. If that sort of driving experience isn’t for them, it is possible to step it up a gear and try out a real Formula 1 car. Either way, driving one of these cars is sure to be an event to remember.Whichever you choose, the lucky recipient is sure to cherish their special day.

Singing Experience


Is your gift recipient a budding Stormzy or Adele? How would they like a day’s singing experience at a real recording studio. Not only will they get to perform and record their favourite song, but they can work with a producer to mix it, set levels, and add effects. The CD that they receive of their recording will be sure to become one of their treasured possessions.

Animal Keeper for a Day

If they are mad about animals, being an animal keeper for the day could be the answer to their prayers. They get to go behind the scenes as a zoo keeper at London zoo. Joining the staff with food preparation and even mucking out, they can experience at close quarters what it is like looking after these amazing and exotic animals.

These all are the detail list of gifts you may present on anyone’s 18th birthday. If you have any other idea, please share with us.