Fluidnatek: Raising The Bar Of Electrospinning Machines


Nanomaterials are the next big thing in the world of production and manufacturing. Even particularly in the field of pharmaceuticals and medicinal applications, but also across many sectors and industries.  

vThe application of nanomaterials is so wide ranging companies are investing heavily in research in order to prepare for the future. Some of this is being driven by the development and availability of the electrospinning machine, being made by Bioinicia, that is to the highest quality and tailored to meet each organisation’s development and production needs. The Fluidnatek range is the best of breed in this field with machines available for the smallest lab to large scale production. The machines in this range meet a wide set of needs and make it quicker, easier and requiring less investment than ever before. 

Reasons to choose a Fluidnatek electrospinning machine

Each machine made by Fluidnatek is made to the highest design standards, from inception to design. The materials used to produce these electrospinning machines are of the highest quality.  They come complete with full safety systems and engineered parts through to an advanced and simple user interface.

This company has many years of experience in producing this machinery. They also have a keen understanding of compliance and the need to customize the standard product to meet the needs of the customer. 

Smaller machines are available for discovery and proof of concept research

The Fluidnatek LE-10 and LE-50 are both smaller machines, suitable for laboratory benchtops, and ideal for smaller feasibility studies. For smaller lab spaces this is perfect and both machines, as well as being lightweight and compact, comes with some great features including an easy to use touch control interface, the ability to use a coaxial electrospinning configuration. In addition, the rotating collectors are exchangeable, an extraction fan exists for removal of gases. It includes a safety interlock for better protection and is fully CE certified and UL compatible.

The LE-50 model also has some additional feature. It is a slightly more power version set up to act as an advanced research station. It has the added feature of being compatible with AC units for where climate control is required. 

The touch screen control on this device has additional multi user-level access complete with data logging. In addition to the coaxial electrospinning configuration, there is the added extra option of being able to carry out a second independent spinning stage to allow for processes of two materials at the same time.   

Serious research and development needs a serious machine

The next machines in the range will help a company move from concept to production and more complex electrospinning projects. The Fluidnatek LE-100 has a larger experimental chamber and more optional features. In addition to being able to connect to AC, it has ultimate control of all processing parameters. Plus, the exhaust system is actively regulated via the use of smart pressure sensors.  

It is possible to set up a coaxial electrospinning configuration, or even tri-axial, and to achieve the maximum productivity there are up to twenty emitters available for use.  

To go even more advanced and push into pilot-line production then there is even the Fluidnatek LE-500. Like the LE-100 it is a powerful machine and meant to bridge the gap between concept and pilot-scale manufacture. 

Whatever you need for your laboratory or production line Bioinicia is the electrospinning machine manufacturer that can support and partner you to meet those goals and take advantage of all the power and flexibility this technology can bring to the table. The versatility of nanomaterials and the wide range of raw materials that can be used as polymer melts and solutions make this area of research almost limitless in possible applications. 

Nowhere is this more apparent in the field of pharmaceuticals where the creation of new drug delivery systems such as implants or patches are helping to alleviate many chronic illnesses and able to provide a controlled, slow and consistent release of medicine into the body while avoiding some of the side effects which come with oral tablets.