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Funniest Dropped Catches


“You just dropped the World Cup son…”, Steve Waugh said to Herschel Gibbs when the later missed a dolly in the 1999 world cup semi. If Steve Waugh would have caught at that stage, Australia would have never qualified for the semi finals and SA would have had the best chance to win the world cup.

Drop catches….loose matches. But funny dropped catches can start a Lough riot.

We have picked top 5 of such hilarious dropped catches. Let’s check.

Funniest Dropped Catches :

1. Mike Hussy

No, we will not blame the sun, Mike.

It was a match between RSA vs. AUS.
RSA was 8/320 when Mike Hussy missed the catch.

This is the funniest dropped catch in our list of top 5 funniest dropped catches. Is not it sunny? I mean funny…

2. Mike Gatting


It was the 2nd test India vs. England 1992/93., Mike Gatting dropped a sitter of all sitters, no way would anyone drop this.
Boycott said “you could have caught it in a bucket”.

Even the umpire was in the process of lifting the finger…

3. Herschelle Gibbs

Here is that famous drop catch by Herschelle Gibbs in 1999 Cricket world cup semi.

Gibbs had a nasty habit to through the ball up just after he took a catch. But this time the ball slipped and Steve Waugh survived.
He never did that stunt again.

4. Mohinder Amarnath

Ravi Shastri was left surprised when Jimmy missed one the easiest catch in history.
Richie Benaud got a life, but we got one of the most hilarious multi attempt dropped catches.

5. Vernon Philander


Though the video says that the villain was Ashley Prince but actually the fielder was Vernon Philander who missed this easy catch.


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