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Unknown Cricket Terms


Fritz, Lappa, Jockstrap, Kolpak, Mullygrubber, Nibble, Waft, Brace, Xavier Tras, Cow corner…..Any guess which game I am talking about? If you are a cricket buff and yet most of these terms are a head scratcher to you, then this article, “top 5 unknown cricket terms”, is just for you.

5. (The) Yips

The Yips are occasionally experienced by bowlers suffering from a loss of confidence. A psychological condition whereby the bowler is unable to sufficiently relax when delivering the ball – often holding the ball too long before release, losing flight, turn and accuracy in the process. Bowlers have been known to suffer from The Yips for as little as a few overs, up to the course of an entire season or more.

4. Pie Chucker (or Pie Thrower)


A poor bowler, usually of slow to medium pace whose deliveries are flighted so much as to appear similar to a pie in the air. Considered easy to score off by batsmen.. Famously used by English batsman Kevin Pietersen to refer to the part-time left arm orthodox spin of Indian batsman Yuvraj Singh

3. Jaffa (also corker)

An exceptionally well bowled, practically unplayable delivery, usually but not always from a fast bowler. Taken from the idea that a ‘Jaffa’ is the best type of Orange.

2. Agricultural shot


This is a swing across the line of the ball (resembling a scything motion) played without much technique. Often one that results in a chunk of the pitch being dug up by the bat, or that winds up with the ball going to Cow Corner (Q.V.). It’s actually a slog, a mistimed slog rather.

1. Mankading

The running-out of a non-striking batsman who leaves his crease before the bowler has released the ball. It is named after Vinoo Mankad, an Indian bowler, who controversially used this method in a Test match. This is relatively common in indoor cricket and is noted separately from run outs, though almost unheard of in first-class cricket.

Now, as you have learnt a lot from our list of top 5 unknown cricket terms, tell me what is ‘Prajapoti’?!


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