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Google is making a flagship: The Pixel 3 is coming soon


Over the time, Google has become the biggest tech giant, and since a couple of years, they are also being praised for their technology products such as Smartphone. One recently launched smartphone the Pixel 2 is a flagship that is being sold smoothly over the world. And, now the every tech fan has set the eyes towards the launch of next most awaiting device the Google Pixel 3.

Talking about the present generation Pixel smartphone, which has one of the best cameras on the market. Pixel phone has been significantly improved in comparison to the first generation: it offers support for optical stabilization has been added, the aperture has been expanded to f / 1.8, new algorithms for photo processing have been added. Surprisingly, the search giant refused to use the second module to blur the background. Pictures with the bokeh effect can be done exclusively by software. The results of the company’s work are impressive: DxO’s resource has given smartphones a high score, and estimated the quality of their cameras is higher than that of Apple iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus and Samsung Note 8.

Taking out the phone and taking a picture without any preparation, almost certainly get an excellent result, and after the entire main camera has a resolution of only 12.3 megapixels.

For Google PIxel 2, there are controversial moments with a portrait mode, and we are setting bet for the next launch Google Pixel 3. In the present generation device, the Good photos are obtained if the subject is near, the farther away from him, the worse the software copes with the blurring of the background. Can inadvertently lubricate the hair or the edges of clothing.

Of the advantages of the camera: fast and accurate autofocus, natural and accurate colour rendering, good sharpness. Pictures are obtained quality at any time of the day, on the move and on the run. Optical stabilization, high-speed optics and excellent software do their job. The self-resolution camera 8 megapixels is not inferior as the images of the rear. It also has a soft background blur. Augmented reality is another curious feature, while quite raw. You can use it, for example, for placement in a virtual furniture room, an excellent tool for both interior designers and those who are planning a reshuffle or started repairs.

Smartphones from Google just could not get the latest version of the operating system. This is pure Android 8.0 Oreo without a pile of additional software in Pixel 2. Not everyone is enthusiastic about Android’s stock, but most users consider it to be one of the main advantages of the devices. The search giant promises support for smartphones for at least three years, which is also not bad. Following the younger brother’s trend, the Google Pixel 3 will also get native Android experience.

In fact, the devices are not quite a stock OS (pixel 2), it is slightly customized by Google: there is quite a nice launcher Pixel Launcher, there is such useful chip as Always On display, there is an unlocking phone with a double tap and other utility. However, we wish to see completely new launcher UI with Pixel 3, and Google should actually make it happen,

In case, if you are not a Google smartphone fan then you can consider the competitor. The present market has flagships like Samsung Galaxy S8, and Huawei Mate 10 Pro can be a good replacement. LG V30, Nokia 8, Xiaomi Mi6 cost less, and the characteristics are not inferior to the hero the Pixel 2. At this stage, we would recommend you to wait for Pixel 3, as it will be soo improved, and can feature the latest technologies.

Source: https://googlepixel3xl.com/