This year Apple's new addition to iphone 6s is 3D touch

I was frightened, confused and somewhat angry when I accidentally shattered the screen of my iPhone, but then I realized that it was meant to happen as for past few weeks my iPhone suffered too many bruises, like run-ins and tile-floor drops. Finally, the trophy was taken by a two-foot drop onto my way up to my apartment that gets the best of my phone’s screen.

Yes! One can always use a broken screen phone, it is a great excuse to upgrade to new models. You can also get it fixed by Apple, but believe me, it is not cheap at all.  But still, taking it to an iPhone repair shop can be the best solution if you are not sure you can do it on your own.

Sure, you can fix it by yourself at the ease of your own home. There are many vendors who are now selling screen repair kits with the parts required to pull out the job. These kits also include all of the tools which will be needed to complete the task by you at your own home. You will definitely find an online step-by-step guide to complete the task and yes you can even find the video. So after getting to know all of these I decided to give it a try.


To open up your iPhone you will be needed lots of tools, you can easily say you will be needing an arsenal full of tools. Especially, a Phillips screwdriver of #000, tweezers, a spludger, Pentalobe iPhone Screwdriver and a specific tool to crack it open, obvious your iPhone. If you are a DIY kind of a person you will be having these tools but in these, some are specialty tools so you will be needing those ones.

Most of the kits come along with all of the tools required, which includes a suction cup attached to a keyring for pulling the screen of iPhone up. Sure, it will work and only if you think that it will be your only gadget-repair trial, so I think you are right. But if you think you don’t have that perfect grip on your finger control so I must suggest that you should order kits that comes with suctions that have two cups in them so you will not break open the screen and will damage your phone’s inside.

I personally have a more wide-ranging toolkit with me which helps me in other repairs also and I found myself grabbing those tools quite frequently as you will notice that you will not be having the tweezers in some of the repairing kits in the market, but tweezers are the tool that you will definitely be needing for these kinds of repairs.

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So the initial step in any iPhone repair in unscrewing the screws which are beside the lightning connector. So when you will be done with those screws, now you will be needing those suction cups that came with the kit to get the top up on your iPhone. I literally break my iPhone screen into little pieces as it was so shattered that I couldn’t get it out in one piece. As when I tried to get it out in one piece I couldn’t get a good suction, it was like a massacre by a bunch of zombies, well it took me almost 30 minutes or so to get the screen out of there, I only manage to get it out with help of a tool which was found in the kit I purchased.

Be very careful when you will be pulling out your screen of the iPhone, as the home button is also there at the bottom part of the phone, you do it too aggressively there are good chances of you getting your phone’s home button damage and it will be permanent.


It will be a surprise for all of you that opening or ripping apart an iPhone is very easy. Of course it has many parts and yes they are tiny in size. But removing them is not at all difficult. You will get a magnetic board in many of the kits available online but if you don’t, then don’t worry use any container which has compartments in it to keep all your parts for their respective places and bang you start on working.

When you will be repairing your iPhone’s screen you will notice that those screws are very tiny, so you need to keep track of what screw came out from where, if you don’t do so, believe me, it will be a hell of a job to getting them back again in their positions, if you mismatched the screws of board there are plenty of chances that you will be destroying your logic board only by replacing its screws by another one. So it will be very good for you to keep those screws labeled.

So, when you are done with taking all of the pieces out and you are done with the repairs, it’s time to put them back in their places. It will be easy to get all of them back together as it took me only 15 minutes to get my screen changed and get all those parts back together.

Well, it all went well for me, I put all those things back together and tried to open my phone and it opened all went well. But my friend also tried it and it didn’t go well for him he tried to turn on his phone and it didn’t.


When this happened me and my friend tried the whole process again and again but nothing happen, it didn’t show the display. So we take the phone to a nearby to get it checked again by a professional technician, who does it more frequently, but you know what he did everything right, but there was a fault in the screen which was shipped to him. So the tech just brings out another screen that was working perfectly and he just plugged that in the phone and bang. The phone starts working as it was doing before.

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Author : Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung has been doing many of the DIY projects from last five years and has written numerous articles and made many videos on DIY Projects. He has done many free programs live on DSD Mobile Mississauga. Many of his students is working in industry of  iPhone repair Mississauga for years now just by reading his articles and watching videos.