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High Risk Pregnancy Age : Pregnancy Over 35


what age is high risk pregnancy? This is a common question. Now a days, in our busy schedule, many women are planning their pregnancy at the age of 35 or more and they are facing so many physical problems to getting pregnant. High Risk Pregnancy age is started beyond 35. You should aware about pregnancy age risks.

what age is considered high risk pregnancy 

In the time of birth, there are generally 20 millions of ovum in two ovaries in a female body. After that in each month ovum get spoiled. Suppose after 10 years of age period starts in a woman and her menopause occurs at age of 50. So in between that 40 years she ovulate in each month except the months of pregnancy. Generally 15 numbers of ovum is matured in each month, but only one ovum is ovulated from those fifteen. Female body ovulate 12 times in a year. So calculating for 40 years, round about 500 ovum is ovulated and rest of the ovums are getting spoiled. You have to keep in mind that with increasing your age the quality of ovum in your body get decreased. But if any one have more than 20 millions of ovum by birth, She will consist enough number of quality ovum after age of 35.

pregnancy age risks :

high-risk-pregnancy-age -Pregnancy-After-35
high risk pregnancy age Pregnancy After 35

There are some problems in late age pregnancy. They are listed below.
• With increasing your age the quality of ovum in your body get decreased. That reduces the chance of pregnancy and increases the chance of miscarriage. Child may born with physical disability.
• In over aged pregnancy the volume of blood get increased in female body so the heart function getting increased. As the Liver, brain, and kidney is more active in that time, so there will appear many physical problems. Diabetes and blood sugar level may increase at that time, which may complicate your pregnancy.
• With the increasing age, blood flow in uterus is reduced. So blood circulation in between mother and foetus is getting disturbed which create problem in development of the foetus in uterus. Child may born with under size. That is called Intrauterine Growth Retardation. Also there is a chance of Pre matured delivery.Sudden bleeding in the uterus may cause the death of foetus.
• Chance of normal delivery in over 35 is less. So they they have to go through caesarean delivery and after delivery there is big chance of postpartum hemorrhage (PPH).
If you want pregnancy over 35, should consult with your doctor and should get the details of the risk factors. After getting pregnant you should go through various blood tests and diagnosis(USG, Amniocentesis) to make sure that there is no abnormality in the foetus.