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How Do I Hire A Copywriter?


Content writing means serious business and when it comes to online content writing, then it means real delicate work. Content has the capacity to make or break your position online and this is enough to also make you the best around. The nature of the world of the internet is such that it needs carefully crafted and well-organized content in order to remain in the business. Thus, content writing is essential, but that also means that content is written by the master of the job and if you are not that then my suggestions are simply that you hire a copywriter. But how do you do that, “How do I hire a copywriter?”

Well, here is the simple answer.

  • Are there professional websites to hire copywriters?

Yes, there are and many of them are of international repute. Contentmart is my favorite platform for good quality content writers and copywriters who extend their services on the internet. Online content marketplaces are basically a shopping mall for content writers of all niches and this makes the client’s job much simpler.

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  • What’s the process to hire people online?

Well, it is a simple process. Taking the example of Contentmart, all the client needs to do is register using an email id and a password. Now the client is open to posting orders depending on the need.

  • How do you post orders?

Well, Contentmart makes the provision of hiring people very simple. All the client needs to do is fill in the payment account with the desired amount say Rs.4000 or $ 65. Then the client has to calculate as to how many words does he need in the article along with the timeline. As per the company policy of minimum payment per word, the client can post the requirement and the number of words and then publish the order. The once published order becomes public and the amount the client feels right for the article is deducted from the payment account as security. The money remains safe and is paid to the writer once he or she delivers the content as per the satisfaction of the client.

  • Is your money safe? What about deadlines?

Henceforth, the writers view the orders and if they think they can finish it they bid their quotations on the order. These bids can be easily viewed by the client who has all the freedom to go through the profiles of the bidding copywriters and can also see their star rating and make a decision on who to hire. Once the right writer is found, the client can select and allot the project to the candidate who is bound to complete the project in time. Once the copywriter delivers the content on time as per the expectations, the client can approve the content and the payment is deducted. Any changes can also be referred back to the writer for editing and correction.