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How does chemotherapy work – 5 ways to kill cancer cells


What is cancer? when our body cells divide into identical cells abnormally and lastly form a lump of cells called Tumor, is the basic idea behind cancer. Is it curable or not? it is a million dollar question in worldwide. obviously cancer is curable if it is diagnosed in proper time or in proper stage.

How does chemotherapy work :

Chemotherapy is the treatment of cancer by which the affected cells can be damaged or the division of identical cells can be interrupt. it is the basic idea of chemotherapy. The patient or the surroundings may have the query of the details of the chemotherapy process. you have heard a lot about chemotherapy but when it is your turn then you should know the exact process or details about the process. we can provide you a vast idea of chemotherapy by How does chemotherapy work.


  1. Processes of Chemotherapy  : 

Chemotherapy can be applied to different patients as per their different aspects of the disease. it can be categorized in 4 types.

Curative chemotherapy: Curative chemotherapy is done to eliminate all the affected cancer cells and to cure permanently.

Adjuvant chemotherapy: Adjuvant chemotherapy is done as a support treatment. when the residual cells can not be detected after surgery, Adjuvant chemotherapy is applied to restrict the growth.

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy: Neoadjuvant chemotherapy is also a support treatment. When a large tumor cannot be operated directly, the doctors prescribed for Neoadjuvant chemotherapy before surgery to dwindle the tumor.

Palliative chemotherapy: when all the tumor cells can not be removed then Palliative chemotherapy is done to prevent the growth off cells temporarily.


2. How does chemotherapy damage cancer cells  :

Chemotherapy is done with an infusion into a vein through a drip or an injection  and also some medications can be taken as tablets or capsules. With the systematic treatment therapy the undetected cancer cells can be ruined by the combination of different cytostatics. Because in this way the drugs can reach to all parts of human body.

The damage of cancer cells can also be done through direct injection and by cream or ointment which are the branches of chemotherapy. As an example chemotherapy in skin cancer is performed in that way. It is called local chemotherapy.


3. Cycles of Chemotherapy :

Chemotherapy cycle is called the intervals by which the combination of cytostatics are applied to the patient, it is known as Treatment Cycle or treatment schedule. Factors which effect those intervals are stated below –

  • the duration of effect of the orchestrate drug,
  • the time needed by the patient for recovery,
  • the total time duration of the treatment process.

Treatment schedules are depend not only on the tested results but also on the state of health of the individuals and his/her particular opinion. With the progress of treatment the adverse effects can be viewed in the patient. so, through various test, you have to be sure is it a case of chemotherapy or others.


4.  How well chemotherapy works : 

The success rate of chemotherapy depends on the types of cancer. In some cases like Hodgkin lymphoma and testicular cancer, success rates are comparatively high. But unfortunately breast cancer or  bowel cancer do not have sound-response in chemotherapy. Because in such cases there is a chance of relapse.

Though there is less chance of positive results in some cases, doctor will prescribe you for chemotherapy to

With some cancers, if a cure is unlikely, your doctor may still suggest chemotherapy to dwindle the tumor, relieve from worst symptoms and give a longer life as long as possible.


5.  Side effects of Chemotherapy : 

The combination of cytocysts not only ruin the cancer cells but it damage the surrounding healthy body cells also. This can have short-term effects such as hair loss, anemia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and infections in the mouth.

The seriousness of the unfavourable effects of chemotherapy will vary person wise. The side effects also depend on combination of cytocysts are used. All chemotherapy do not have same adverse side effects. Those effects can sometimes revealed later, particularly in young people. Because chemotherapy can damage semen or eggs. So it is recommended to use reliable preventive measures during treatment.

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