How Hard Is CEH Certification, Really?


In the world of computers, hacking is usually accompanied by a bad reputation. However, many people build their careers off of ethical hacking. With an ethical hacking course, getting a Certified Ethical Hacking qualification is easier than ever. Many certified ethical hackers use advanced methodologies used by malicious hackers to help improve their companies infrastructure. And now, with companies like Simplilearn, learning these tricks is as simple as registering for a CEH course. 

So, how hard is it?

CEH certification is not hard at all. Getting certified is as easy is taking a course online. You can take the exam after attending training at an Accredited Training Center. Or, you can self study, and give the EC-Council about 2 years of relevant work history. The exam is administered at many different ATC’s across the country. However, CEH certified hackers need to renew their certification every three years. However, you can also take a CEH course from a third party, like Simplilearn. These courses give you more for your money. They also give you more in depth training for certain issues.

What do you learn?

In a CEH course, you will learn to master packer analysis and system penetration to better understand the weaknesses in your own system. With that knowledge, you can prevent malicious hackers from destroying infrastructure. Plus, hackers with a CEH certification help reinforce ethical hacking as a working profession. Everyone with a CEH certification is held to a minimum standard for exposing information in order to improve a system. And, they help inform people that they are properly trained for ethical hacking. 

What is in a CEH course?

In a CEH course, you are guaranteed to receive 40 hours of training from a professional. Plus, with a cybersecurity course by Simplilearn, you get an exam pass, which usually costs around $450. In the course, you will learn to master around 20 security domains and 340 attack technologies. And, you get an Accredited Training Partner from the EC-Council. Everything in this course can help you become a better ethical hacker and improve your ability to help your company.