How India is leading the way on renewable energies

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India has made a recent stand against climate change. Recently, India’s Minister of Energy, Piyush Goyal, announced that the country has plans to become the country with the most sustainable energy system in the world. This will help to create new jobs, improving the quality of life of the people living in the country, and cleaning the polluted air and water. Of course, this will help with the fight against the climate change that is threatening the entire planet. 

India renewable energies plans

India is a country with over 1,300 million inhabitants. Of which, nearly 300 million do not have access to electricity services and earn less than 1,400£ per year. By investing in renewable energies, India’s government brings an alternative that will create new jobs. Plus, it will bring cleaner, cheaper energy to the country.

Although India’s primary source of energy at the moment comes from coal, it plans to increase significantly its investment in solar and wind energy. Overall, it plans to surpass the total amount the US has installed by a 50%.

The energy produced by solar and wind energy is 4 times cheaper than the coal one. By increasing its investment in these renewable energy sources, India plans to bring electricity to every household by 2019. It also wants to totally remove the energy that comes from coal industries by 2022.

The importance of wind as an energy source

The importance of wind resources is key when producing green energy. By doing the appropriate research before installing their wind farms, India will be able to produce higher volumes of energy at a dramatically lower price. 

Companies like Vortex FDC have reliable sources in order to analyze the wind farms data. This makes sure that they are producing energy to its fullest potential. It is important to pay careful attention to the wind resource data by Vortex FDC since it will allow us to discover things like if our wind farm did under or overproduce energy last month or year, or allow us to know if anything has changed in the movement of the wind over the years.

The Index Vortex analysis can be performed in any region in the world, both on and off-shore. This makes it an ideal option for countries like India. They run updated reports of the last 12 months, which include variables like the mean temperature, wind, and production in order to guarantee there is not an unpleasant surprise on the production levels.  Cutting-edge climatology technologies are needed in order to gather this data. If India wishes to be able to produce enough energy to supply every household in the country, it is important that they get access to the technology companies like Vortex FDC use, otherwise, they would end up falling behind their goals. 

An important factor to keep into account before installing any wind farm at all is the terrain. Not all terrains are suitable to have wind farms and installation in a non-appropriate place would generate an unnecessary waste of money and assets for the Indian government. 

What next?

Companies like Vortex FDC analyze the terrain and assist their clients with the information necessary regarding the wind-farm design and the turbine class selection, in order to pick the one which would yield better results in that area. Things like the high-resolution temperature, type of wind (mean wind, extreme winds, turbulences, etc) need to be taken into account when picking a turbine that fits perfectly in the desired wind-farm.

Although India’s climate is usually hot, some mountain regions can suffer cold climates. Wind farms on those areas would need to adapt in order to avoid production losses due to ice accretion on blades.

Overall, if India does the appropriate studies and subcontracts the help of professionals to guide them on their switch toward renewable energies, they should not have any problems meeting their green energy goals. The investment on wind energy the Indian government is planning for its country will benefit greatly both their citizens and the environment.