How To Choose The Best Surgeon For A Nose Job

nose job

Are you considering plastic surgery? One of the most important things you will do in this process is choosing a surgeon that you feel is right for you. Rhinoplasty, or nose job, is a complicated procedure that requires much skill and training to perform. Choosing a surgeon should be done with care, giving time and attention to researching their history and qualifications. A good surgeon will be an effective communicator, a good listener, and full of compassion with giving care. Finding someone who fits all of these qualifications will allow you to go through your surgery with confidence and peace of mind that will aid in your healing. Follow these simple steps for choosing the right surgeon for your nose job.

Look for a valid medical license

A valid medical license is required in all 50 states to perform surgical procedures such as rhinoplasty; the state board of medicine is a great source of information for prior disciplinary history, malpractice suits, and other things that might drive you away from making a decision on a specific surgeon. Most typical surgeons have a clean medical record would be able to perform your surgery with few complications.

Look for board certification

Certification by the American Board of Medical Specialties is an indicator that accredited residency programs and competencies have been successfully completed. According to rhinoplasty expert, Ran Y. Rubinstein, “Choosing a surgeon that is certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology will give you the assurance that they have performed work specific to the type of surgery you wish to have”. Board certification is an indicator that a surgeon has a demonstrated set of skills specific to a procedure; looking for someone that has these specializations is beneficial when choosing the right person for your rhinoplasty.

Surgeon Malpractice history

Someone that has a history of malpractice or lawsuits levied against them will not give you the peace of mind that your job will be performed correctly. No one wants to enter into a surgical contract with someone who has a history of negligence and disastrous surgical outcomes; do your homework when investigating potential candidates, and make sure that their history is free from large blunders.

Look for a surgeon with a specialization

Someone who only performs a nose job will likely be very good at what they do; quite frankly, a surgeon with this specialization would be much more proficient than someone who deals in other types of surgery as well. Why not search for the best in the business? Your face is a very important aspect of you and your self-confidence; choose wisely, and be satisfied with the results.

Look for personal referrals

Receiving a personal endorsement from a friend or family member is another layer of assurance that you are choosing the right person for the job. First-hand accounts of consultation, post-surgical care, and follow up give you a sense of who a surgeon is, and how they commit to treating the patients in their care. Receiving trusted advice will help you to make a more informed decision based on the experience of family and friends.

Read online reviews

Most recently, people have been turning to referrals and reviews written by other people as a means of deciding who they will employ for their medical care. Although there is plenty of information out there in cyberspace that is NOT true, there are some people who write honest reviews and referrals as a means of helping others streamline their process. Our advice to you: sift through the stuff on the internet. Trust your gut as you listen to your inner wisdom to make decisions about your care team.

Schedule a consultation!

You wouldn’t trust your car to a mechanic that you couldn’t see face to face, would you? Similarly, it would make no sense to schedule a surgery with someone you’ve never met. Take the time to set up a consultation with a few surgeons to go in and ask questions. Plus, get a feel for their bedside manner, their level of expertise, and their commitment to care. You can learn a lot from having a conversation with someone; this is especially true when deciding who you would like to be on your care team. If someone doesn’t feel like a fit, don’t employ their services. If you feel that you click with someone and everything else checks out concerning credentials and history, go with that individual. 

Ready for your big day?

Choosing a surgeon is important work. And, now that you have chosen one that is qualified, committed, and caring, all you have to do is prepare for your big day. Time to look forward to your new nose and your new and improved appearance. Get ready for a healthier and happier life!