How to make your outdoor pool area more stylish


If you are lucky enough to have your own pool or hot tub, then it is the perfect place to relax and spend your summer afternoons relaxing. Then into the evening, it can become a great place to entertain guests. Nothing feels better than an hour or two in a jacuzzi after a hard day.

The problem with swimming pool areas is that by necessity, they are often quite functional areas, and not that attractive to look at. You also have to make sure that the maintenance and upkeep are well looked after, or the whole area can be more trouble than it is worth and you won’t be able to enjoy the full benefits of this great facility. Here are some ways to make the space even more special.

Add lots of plants around the pool

If you do not already have a lot of plants in the area, then this is one thing that can make an instant difference. Adding some big leafy greenery can instantly change the look and feel of the area. You will be transported from a public swimming pool to leafy luxury in no time at all.

Make sure that you consider how the sun falls across the area and pick plants that will be happy in that environment. Some plants do not fare well in direct sunlight so do take some advice to avoid finding yourself quick surrounded by dead plants.

Replace the tired old tiles with something new and stylish

Pool tiles don’t need to be old and boring. There are some quite beautiful designs out there that incorporate all different shades and shapes, and some intricate mosaics. You can see some examples at BuyHomeTile, and you don’t need to stop with the pool. There other outdoor areas can look really good with different tiles, especially those more natural styles that look like stone or slate.

There is more choice than you could imagine, but consider looking into glass tiles, rather than the typical ceramic. The sunlight glances off glass different and has a lovely effect, especially for tiles under the waterline.  

Choose the garden furniture carefully

The addition of really decent sun loungers, table, chairs, and other furniture can make all the difference. It can be tempting to get the very practical plastic pool furniture, but the truth is it just does not look that nice. You could even invest in a cabana bed if you want some real luxury.

Metal, light colored canvas and wood are the best options, as natural materials have the effect of making a place look like it cost a lot and they tend to last longer too.

Pick out some stylish accessories

To really give the pool area a sense of style then you should think about adding some accessories. The right well place piece of modern art or wall hanging will really give the poolside a complete look. Another good choice is the addition of super modern wall clocks and mirrors which can give the space depth as well as being a great feature.

Keep on top of pool maintenance

To avoid serious and costly problems, make sure you have a good maintenance and cleaning plan for the wet areas.  Build up of calcium or other minerals, and growth of moss and algae can cause real problems and if you don’t manage it properly you could find it gets expensive when things go wrong.

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