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Unbelievable Mobile Repair Tools and Tips for Noobs


Are you a cell phone repair technician or a person, who always try first by himself before going to any mechanic or a professional person? If yes, then you have to know about mobile repair tips and all the set of mobile repair tools required to pull these kinds of jobs at home or any other place to fix your phones, tablets, and smartphones.

Without a set of these tools, you will never be able to open the desired device properly and to fix it. Yes! Remember to buy tools of good quality never compromise on the quality of tools.

Well, here you will find a list of the best tools available in the market to repair your cell phone or tablet at your place easily.

Remember it is not necessary to buy all of these, do check which tool you need or what is the problem with your device? so what equipment would be suitable for you.

Must let all of you know that the complete list of mobile repair tools is for only advanced troubleshooting and major issues, so the complete list is only recommended for master technicians. You will only need the soldering iron or station only if you had to solder something, otherwise, it will be of no use to you.

List of mobile repair tools required for Cell Phone Repairs:


Basic Set of mobile repairing tools:

1. Set of Screw Drivers

It is the basic equipment needed for the repair of any kind of phone tablet or any other electrical stuff, or you can say it is needed to open or dismantle the product.

Screw drivers also come in different types, the most used type is the Philips screwdriver whose head is in the shape of  ( + ). Whereas iPhone uses different types of screwdrivers which is Pentalobe. The other most used type is the called the Torx it is in star shape means its head is in a star shape.

All of the screwdrivers come in different sizes and shapes depending on their head’s size and shape. I must recommend buying a set which contains all the screw drivers so you can pull out as many DIY repairs as possible.

2. Openers

Openers as the name suggest they are used to open the casing or you can say housing of the phones as they came locked from companies.

They also came in various shapes and sizes so the best fit for your need is recommended.

3. Pair of Tweezers

They are also very important to repair your phones or tablets, as they will be needed to lift parts and to hold other spare parts.

Tools Required for Cleaning and Servicing

1. IPA (Iso Propyl Alcohol)

One of the most required basic mobile repairing tools.

Mobiles have Printed Circuit Boards often referred to as PCB’s and to clean them we need IPA or circuit cleaners. Many people also use spirit or thinner for this purpose. All of these are used because of their properties to evaporate immediately.

2. Brush

It is used for the most basic purpose to remove any dust or any other unnecessary thing from the PCB.

3. Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

It is only used when the PCB is short-circuited to clean it deeply.

Checking and Testing Tools

1. Multimeter

It is used for various testing and checking in mobile repairing and for testing of various components of mobile phones such as batteries, mics, loudspeakers and many other parts.

Sometimes it is used to track down broken tracks f PCB. It is of two types Analog Multimeter and Digital Multimeter we recommend Digital Multimeter because of their accuracy and ease of use.

Tools to Repair LCD’s

In smartphones, I think it would have happened with many of us, yes the crack on LCD, or just a crack on the glass. Now many mobile phone producers fused these two parts together to save the space.

So in case, you have to repair any of these you have to buy both. To save the cost, the need of glass separator machine arises. This is how you will need these mobile repair tools too.

DeSoldering and Soldering

1. Rework Station

It is used for heating and replacing IC’s on the motherboard. It is used for mounting and removing soldered parts on the Printed circuit board.

2. Soldering Iron

If you have to solder something on the PCB or have to solder any parts or components in your mobile phone so you will definitely be needing this tool. It is also used to make jumpers on the broken tracks of the PCB.

3. Soldering Flux

It is to be used in heating and removing of the parts and components which are soldered on the PCB.

4. Solder Wire

Another basic mobile repair tools. It is used for soldering parts on your mobile phones PCB.

5. Jumper Wire

It is a copper wire which is used in winding in motors. It is basically used to make jumpers from point A to point B on Printed circuit boards.

Miscellaneous mobile repair tools

1. PCB Holders

Most people know it by the name of PCB stand, it is of good use when you will be soldering anything onto your PCB.

2. Lamp

Only used when you need more light in your workplace and lets you see everything easily.

3. Pliers

Basically, nose pliers are needed to cut down the wires and remove any parts.

4. Magnifying Glass

It is used to see also the small and tiny parts and to see the PCB more clearly.


Author Bio:

Jessica Jung has been doing many of the DIY projects from last five years and has written numerous articles and made many videos on DIY Projects. Many of his students are working in the industry of mobile repairs Mississauga for years now just by reading his articles and watching videos.

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