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It’s Not Cancer or AIDS! It’s Stress That Killing You


“Happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy. There’s going to be stress in life, but it’s your choice whether you let it affect you or not.”

– Valerie Bertinelli

Workplace, It is a very amazing circumstance. You will find the things here very simple as well as very tough. Here the situations are constantly changing. your potential is the only mate-yard of your success and future. Most of us are always in that annoying doubt and fear that it is not good enough for our secure future. Under such pressurized situation, the human body reacts with hormonal changes, that tends him to either fight against the situation or run away. That subjective phenomenon is called stress. when such phenomenon occurs, you have swung into “fight” mood, because of those biological changes. Perhaps this is the most uncanny situation that negatively affects relationships and spoils your impressions. So every one of us is keen to find the way to relieve stress at your desk or how to overcome stress at work.

The detrimental effect of stress

Now the Question arises, to what extent Stress can be harmful to us? or the bitterest question can stress kill you? If you are suffering from continuous stress or chronic stress, yes it is very much harmful to your health system. Apart from a mental deterioration, one can go through different health related fear factors. Chronic stress can lead to suppression of immune, digestive, sleep, and reproductive systems, which may cause them to stop working normally. It is a prime factor of your hair fall and premature aging. The most detrimental effect of stress outcomes when one has committed suicide due to the adverse effect of work stress. So you have got your answer, Yes stress can be a death factor.


Statistics trivia about the stress

we will present here some interesting stats and facts about stress.

  • 73% of U.S. population regularly experience psychological symptoms caused by stress.
  • A full bucket of laugh can relieve stress up to 70%, as it can reduce the level of three responsible hormones (cortisol, adrenaline, and epinephrine) and increases the level of dopamine.
  • All stresses are not the villain. In response to a danger or in tension situation, Stress can stimulate people up to 80% to be equipped or perform.
  • 48% of U.S. population is suffering from insomnia due to daily stress.
  • Can you believe yearly 300 billion U.S. dollar is used to spent in employee’s stress related health issue and missed work in U.S.!!
  • A chewing gum can be a stress reliever !! Yes, it is a proven stress relief factor. Not only beneficial for your gum, also for the killer stress.
  • The 5 most influencing factors for stress are Money, work, relationships, family and financial outlook.
  • Stress statistics say that, In a 2-week cycle, Round about 3/4th of human population suffers from stress.
  • In UK round about 50 lakhs people are suffering from workplace stress. The most stressed occupations in Britain are the commercial airline pilot, photojournalist, surgeon, and advertising account executive.
  • The most psychological symptoms experienced by people are anger (50% people), feeling anxious (45% people), energy deficiency (45% people), about to cry (35% people).

how to handle stress at work?

You have to recognize the culprit. The factor which is most stressful to you, in your workplace or in your home, just face it with your perfect calm attitude and you will be awared of the trick. If the situation is getting worse, you should contact the doctor. A relaxing approach to your daily job can help you to get rid of from the demise stress. Try to set your goals and priorities, so that you can avoid the extra work load. Just keep your half an hour time for exercise, as it is a boosting factor for reducing your stress.

5 Ways to get rid of Stress at work place 

  • Create an oasis :  In today’s business environment, you should be available 24/7 that accelerates your nagging stress. So keep your lapy and cell switched off before and after 1 hour of your sleeping.
  • Heat the “sweet spot” : Categorize your work by difficulty (easy, medium, hard) and potential impact (large, medium, small). Then you’ll find easily the work which is easy as well as has large potential impact. Heat it.
  • Turn off the news : News has a direct  negative impact on adding more stress. So just keep it away from your important work, that requires all your concentration.
  • Disconnect from uncontrollable : There is always something that you can’t control. Such as the economy, traffic, politics etc. Those factors only help to raise your stress. So simply avoid those wasted energy and extra stress.
  • Avoid stressed people : According to the rules of psychology, you will be affected by the stressed people around you. They will put extra stress on your own. So avoid those people to some extent, atlist until you’ve conquered your own stress.

So keep your mind cool, Never get anxious in any situation. If you want to live your healthy family life just relax and say good bye to stress.