Latest France Ligue 1 Results


Latest France Ligue 1 Results

The season in the French championship, as in other top European championships, is nearing its the finish. This means that in the near future we will find out the answers to the most interesting questions of the season, as well as learn the name of the main triumphant. You can learn France ligue 1 results at any time of the day on the website of sports statistics.

However, the name of the winner is already known for quite some time. Already at the start of the season, PSG had a record winning streak and managed to create a very comfortable handicap over the main pursuers. The main secrets of such success of the Parisians include:

  1. The best selection of performers in the league. No other team has such a star lineup as PSG does. Moreover, the lineup of Tuchels team is pretty balanced, and each line has the best players for their positions.
  2. Individual skills. There is no need to remind you about how Neymar or Mbabpe are actually able to tear the defense of the opponent into pieces singlehandedly.
  3. Tuchels tactical schemes. Now PSG has not only the attack, but strong flanks, too, plus they ensure significant pressure in all sections of the field. This is especially obvious in matches in the international arena.

All fans in France follow the ligue 1 results on our web portal, and if you join us, you will definitely not miss anything. While PSG became the main winner, then Monaco was the main disappointment of the season.

French championship news on 777 score

The team, which was considered as a contender for a place in the zone of the Champions League, failed completely. The situation culminated with the mess with the coaches when Jardim was first fired from his position of the head coach, and then he was returned.

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Still, the return of Jardim to the coaching position helped the Monegasques, who finally managed to get out of the relegation zone. But we will not see them in the European Cup the next season. Too much was lost in the first part of the season. This resulted in rash sales of leaders who weren’t even properly replaces.

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