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Five Reasons Why You Need Solar Street Lights


Since its discovery in 1839, the solar industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds. The last couple of decades experienced a spurted growth in solar technology as more people incline toward green technology. Many homes, commercial, and institutional establishments today use solar energy owing to the advantages it has over the older technology. In addition to sustainability, here are five benefits you can derive from implementing solar street lights.

   1. It leads to grid security

Rising demands on electrical energy, attacks, and natural disasters can lead to a failing grid power. When that happens, an off-grid lighting option becomes most viable. Solar street lighting does not rely on the grid power to keep your lights on. Instead, it uses solar energy that makes it a reliable option to ensure that you have light even after a natural disaster such as storm strikes.

   2. Federal, state, and local authorities allow it


Many states today require new buildings to implement renewable energy options. This is important to meet the growing demand for going green and to prevent any addition to the existing grid system. Besides, according to the Energy Policy Act of 2005, all Federal facilities should switch to LEDs to reduce energy consumption and to implement a renewable power that operates off-grid. Installing solar street lights in security-sensitive areas, streets, and open spaces is a great way to accomplish the directive. Solar street lights operate without depending on the utility grid, which in turn eliminates electricity consumption and provide substantial savings on trenching and wiring.

   3. No need for grid power

If the grid power is costly or does not exist in your area, the best alternative source of lighting is solar-powered streetlights. An outdoor lighting system is an essential step for security and safety, which you can implement using solar street lamps. Solar-powered lamps can work in any location provided the area receives adequate solar energy. Besides, you can always upgrade the system and install backups to ensure that the system operates efficiently for years.

Since they work off-grid, solar street lamps have a rechargeable battery that stores and converts solar power into electrical energy. To ensure that the battery maximizes its lifespan, you should schedule a charging plan, which could be after every three months. It is also advisable to involve a professional for a checkup, to make sure that everything is just fine.

   4. Solar power is a green alternative


The world is moving toward green initiatives and solar power is a great way to use renewable energy with no harmful impact on the environment. Many businesses and homes already use solar energy in their outdoor lighting systems including entrance roadways, parking lots, and streets. This, in turn, helps improve the environment.Solar street lighting systems have unique designs and high-quality LED lamps that are applicable anywhere.

All the same, it is important that as you shop for outdoor lighting systems, you should work with a reliable supplier that offers genuine products with a warranty. All-in-one solar street light is easy to install, as everything is in one compact unit.

   5. Solar street lighting saves money

While you may be scared of installation costs of solar outdoor lighting systems, the option could help you save money. First, off-grid systems require no digging of trenches as their traditional counterparts. They require no wiring either. With solar street lighting system, you just need a pole with a lighting fixture, which can reduce your installation costs by a big margin.

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Secondly, Federal, state, and local initiatives are in place to subsidize the cost of solar outdoor lighting systems. These incentives show support for renewable energy options. They also standardize the budgets for such projects. The platform is updated regularly and you can narrow down your search by a specific area.
Finally, yet importantly, solar technology is on the rise and new revelations continue to surface up. If you are in need of genuine solar street lighting systems, you should approach a reliable manufacturer or authorized dealer. Start by gathering adequate information about authorized contractors and manufacturers in your area. Read reviews and find more information regarding your preferred partner. That can help you avoid many pitfalls in the market.