Top 3 New Internet Resources You May Have Missed


Top 3 new resources on the internet you may have missed this week

The internet is an absolute treasure trove of new innovative online products, new ways of learning, and ways of improving your day to day life.

It is not all memes and cat videos. The tricky part is finding the good bits among all the waffle. Easier said than done when you consider how much content and products are being released online. It is like looking for a needle in a haystack. So to save some time and energy scrolling through endless websites, here are some suggestions for this weeks browsing.

Find out more about your ancestors than you ever have before

DNA tests are no longer just for the police solving crimes, or talk shows where paternity is being loudly questioned by the guests. You can now do it at home yourself. The DNA test kit for health and ancestry on Amazon is so simple to use. You simply get the kit and register it online.

Then simply send a swab of saliva off to the lap as instructed, and wait for the results. You results are digitized and will tell you everything about your genetic code science has uncovered. For example, you can find out where in the world your ancestors originated from. DNA can explain what path across the world your ancestors took as they left Africa 200,000 years ago.

You can also find out if you carry any genes that are predisposed to certain illnesses, or even if you are a carrier of a certain genetic defect, even if being a carrier does not affect you. If could impact your offspring. You can even find out what pharmaceutical drugs can work best for you based on your physiology. Quite amazing really.

Save hours on dull presentations and come up with something a bit more engaging

Making a presentation is time-consuming. Making a presentation that is not so boring your audience is like to fall asleep is even more so. We have all sat and suffered through dull slide decks before, and we know that it is not likely to engage your audience at all. Whether that is at school, work or for personal use.

This is why Google slides themes are so great. You can save hours of design work trying to come up with the perfect template, and just pick up a handy pre-designed theme instead. No matter what subject you are focusing on you can easily pick one and then get going with the work. It is so much easier and quicker and will make your final slide deck look professional and slick, whoever you are presenting to – you can be sure of their full attention.

New ways to become a qualified web application developer in Spain

Web and app developers are in extremely high demand, and there are not enough to fill the positions that are open. So no wonder people are starting to think that they should retrain in app development and make sure they have a career for life. For this, you need a higher degree in web application development, that will teach you to develop, implement and maintain web applications while maining good security and usability.

Who knows you might even be able to develop and launch your own app and put your entrepreneurial skills to good use. A decent course will help with all aspects of app development, with real-world experience to help you really achieve your goals.

You would also be able to move forward as a freelancer, or remote worker with this type of skill – meaning that you could be coding from a beach in the Bahamas if you really wanted to. But the first step is to build the skill first.