Organize an unforgettable hen’s party for the bride-to-be – Few sparkling ideas


Have you been given the grave responsibility of arranging the best and the most unforgettable hens party for your sister, bestie or cousin who is soon to begin a new life? If answered yes, you have to make it modern, classy and sophisticated at the same time not only for the bride-to-be but also for the other guests who attend it. For choosing the best venue, you can check out the best hens night venues in Melbourne so that you could organize the party at the most appropriate place which complements the theme of the party.

If you could throw a memorable and sophisticated party before you bestie or sister graduates from Miss to Mrs, you will always be remembered as her favorite bridesmaid. Let’s check out few hen’s party trends that you can follow in order to make yours classy and sassy.

#1: Arrange for flower crowns

Flower crowns are undoubtedly the most popular hens party ideas which people love seeing as the bride-to-be as well as the guests look perfectly cute wearing their flower crowns like halos. This is the ultimate symbol of femininity and romance which are the two ultimate features that need to be present on a hen’s night party. In case you’re based in Melbourne, you can spend the whole day with your girls in making the flower crown. You may even have silk flower crowns for your bride-to-be friend.

#2: Hens party accessories and sashes

Is there a better way to brag than having the best standout bachelorette accessories for your bride-to-be? The tacky ribbons and the flashy ones are things of past and now there are classier brides who sport luxurious accessories on a hens party like badges, headbands and definitely the customary sashes.

#3: Hens night DIY ideas

It is not always necessary to spend a hen’s night out of your town to enjoy your last bachelorette party as you can indulge in home parties as well. You can arrange a well-deserving gal’s night where you can lounge around with your friends in matching sets of pajamas and rosy robes. You can all sit in front of the television and watch the chick flicks of the bride-to-be. Or you may even organise a nail salon where you can paint each other’s nails with a range of colors.

#4: Allow someone to entertain you

How about making the hens party revolve around a performance of someone whom you all can enjoy? Few of the worthy options are a cabaret show or a burlesque show, a concert, a comedy event or even a movie marathon night. You can get multiple tickets available for the most popular shows and concerts to start off with. According to your likes and dislikes, you can plan something worthwhile that is happening near you.

Therefore, if you’re trying to plan the best hen’s party for your sister or bestie, you can keep in mind the ideas that are listed in the above article. Try your best to make her enjoy the day.