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Panini Press Buying Guide : Best Panini Maker


Are you an Italian food lover? In last weekend, you have enjoyed a treat came from your friend. There you tasted a grilled Panini, a delicious Italian dish. can’t forget the taste. It’s quite natural to many of us. Though the Panini is an Italian food, it is equally popular in U.S. also. A Panini sandwich comes with it’s both sides grilled hallmark. This is the pressing mark of Panini maker or Panini press during toasting.

so, what is going on in your mind? Buying a Panini press is not a bad idea! Am I right? I think if you like the taste of this palatable dish, you should go for a perfect Panini press. so many companies are offering Panini press in various price range. But which is the perfect one for you? It’s really a tough selection. don’t worry, In this article, I will help you to find the best Panini maker.

Panini Press Buying Guide

Every model has its own specification. you should choose the desired one by keeping in mind your need. your perfect Panini press can be selected through some criteria. let’s go through those deciding factors and opt for an ideal Panini maker.

    1.  Floating and adjustable top plate :

The thickness of your would be prepared Panini will not be same for every occasion. It is quite natural that sometimes your preparation will drift from its usual thickness. So, How can you adjust then? A floating top plate Panini press will solve your issue. It is nothing but a mechanism that allows you to press your grill at different height. The adjustable one is very useful to prepare an open-face Panini. The upper plate of this type can easily be adjusted from the side-arm. The most optimistic aspect is maximum model contain this floating and adjustable feature.

   2. Material of the Plate :

It is a basic specification that categorized the panini press into three different denomination. Those three basic categories are

  • Aluminium Plate
  • Cast Iron Plate
  • Non-stick Plate

Each class has its own pros and cons. They also react differently when in use.

A. Aluminium has a property of rapid heat exchange. Using this property, the aluminium plated Panini makers are more energy saver and less expensive. But the major drawback is the aluminium one releases heat quickly. that may create inconvenience during grilling.

B. Cast Iron is a good heat retainer and can be used for uniform consequence. But it is more expensive and the time taken to reach the desired heat is also on higher side. But if it is properly maintained, a cast Iron plated Panini maker can serve you more consistently.

C. The main advantage of a non-stick one is proper cleaning as well as a good heat distribution. But the life span of this type of Panini press is less than previous two.

judging the upper cases, you should choose your desired one as per your requirement.

   3. Frequency of use :

How often will you use your phone panini sandwich maker? This is a deciding factor to choose your exact model. Whether it will be used for your home or will be used in a cafe, depending on it you can choose three types of panini press.

  • Light-duty panini press
  • Medium-duty panini press
  • Heavy-duty panini press

The nomenclature suggests the field of use of the types. Light-duty is suited best for your domestic use. Rest two types are suggested for business, where the press is frequently used.

  4. Easy to clean :

Cleaning is the foremost criteria to maintain the proper hygiene. So you will never allow your panini press with the food residual after one or two use. Cleaning of the base and top plates are not an easy task when it is fixed with the panini press. Removable plate type panini makers allow you to remove the plate from the press and cleaning it properly. Even this type offers you to use versatile plates like one side smooth and another side ribbed plate, waffle plates etc. This interchangeability is a key factor to bring variety in your appetizing Panini sandwich.

   5. Alterable Thermostat :

Are you planning to do more with your Panini maker? Not just a Panini, if it will be used for burgers, Breakfast eggs and potatoes, omelets, then it needs variable temperature control. Because every preparation will reach in its optimum taste at the different temperature. An adjustable thermostat type Panini press can do it for you. A standard range of 120 – 570 degrees Fahrenheit temperature is incorporated into maximum models in Market. This type of panini press will little beat costlier than the fixed temperature one. But offers more versatility.

Some other factors

  • Grill surface area
  • plate design
  • User-friendly handle
  • Timer
  • Appearance

So, all the above points are the most deciding factors to choose your perfect panini press. But, I can tell you the last word that, Keep it in your budget. It is hard to find all features in a single one. so just go for the one which fits your budget and contain maximum desired features.

Hope this article will help you as a perfect panini press buying guide. If you have more suggestions, Please comment below.