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Here’s What Parents Should Know Before Choosing a Coaching Institute


Every year a new batch of students choose the engineering and medical stream after class 10th to achieve their dreams of pursuing engineering or medicine as a career. Getting into an engineering or medical college requires dedication and hard work as students have to clear competitive exams like JEE or NEET.

Both exams are highly competitive and demand unparalleled commitment from students. Usually, students prepare for two years in class 11th and 12th before appearing for these exams. Cracking these exams and securing a seat in top colleges across the country can be stressful to manage. The challenge is to achieve a good rank in these exams to be able to get admission in the best colleges.

If your child is aiming to become an engineer or doctor in the future, make sure they have adequate resources. Most students who prepare for competitive exams have their unique way of studying. However, one thing that is common among students is that they all enroll in coaching classes. Coaching institutes provide the required edge to students for clearing competitive exams by providing comprehensive study material and a unique pedagogy.

There are several coaching institutes across the country. However, Aakash Institute has consistently proved its worth. The exceptional track record of Aakash Institute speaks volume for its success. If you look up for Aakash Institute Bangalore reviews, you will get numerous examples which highlight their accomplishments.

When choosing a coaching institute, it is natural to be skeptical. However, certain parameters must be fulfilled by a coaching institute. Every parent is concerned about their children and the education they receive.

Here’s what parents need to know for choosing a coaching institute:


1. Faculty

The faculty is the backbone of any coaching institute, and they must be highly experienced. For instance, Aakash Institute has a highly competent and qualified faculty. All faculty members carry an extensive experience in preparing students for competitive exams like NEET.

So, make sure the coaching institute has faculty members from prestigious colleges and universities like IITs and NITs.

2. Study Material

Study material is of high importance and can make a significant difference when it comes to competitive exams. Students must be equipped with the high-quality study material that covers the syllabus extensively.

Furthermore, coaching institutes with interactive forms of learning material have an edge because students can grasp concepts quickly. Each subject must carry ample amount of information, and use graphical representation to help students understand concepts at a fundamental level. Study material by Aakash Institute has quality questions that are based on competitive exams.

3. Doubt Resolution

Coaching institutes must conduct regular doubt resolution sessions for students. Aakash Institute follows the practice where students are encouraged to ask questions and doubts where they have problems. The institute also holds regular doubt resolution sessions, which are specific to any subject.

4. Scholarships

Scholarships are a mark of an established institute, one that has been around for a long time and has established itself in the industry. Aakash Institute offers scholarships ranging from 5% to 100%. The scholarship acts as a fee waiver and is given as per the eligibility of a student. There are two types of scholarships provided by Aakash viz. Merit and Special Scholarships.

5. Facilities

Ideally, coaching institutes must be equipped with some facilities like library, hostel, and even transport to some extent. Aakash Institute has a world-class learning environment with a comprehensive library for engineering and medical entrance preparation.


There is no dearth of coaching institutes in the country, however, choosing the right one will reflect on your child’s performance. There are thousands of students who aim to become doctors and engineers every year, thus making the competition stiff. If you are from Bangalore and in a process of choosing a coaching institute for your child’s engineering or medical dream, then Aakash will serve you well. Alternatively, do check out Aakash Institute Bangalore reviews for an informed decision.

Furthermore, it is recommended you visit the institute in person to know the ground reality. With adequate tools of learning, your child can have a secure and stimulating academic future!