Scope of Cybersecurity Professionals in the Era of Internet


46% of the total world population is linked to the internet. When we read reports on multi-million bank theft or big data breaches such as password or identification data leak, we read about the lack of cybersecurity. It, sometimes, result in the chaos and embarrassment for the victim company or individuals causing financial or personal harms. 

Our world is transitioning towards the global digital movement. With each day, we depend more on technology for entertainment, daily needs, networking, and more. In fact, the more the digital shift, the more security it needs, and here enters cybersecurity, which can save us from every fraud or hack.

Although the technology is recent, it has already gained its momentum through businesses and educational institutions providing courses like B tech computer science with a specialization in cybersecurity. As such, the B tech in computer science syllabus covers all the basic knowledge of the system and teaches advancements.

“It is only when something goes wrong; the machine reminds you how powerful they have become.”

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity covers all the measures taken to protect and recover devices, networks, and programs from unauthorized access or attack.

With the technological advancements, the threats of fraud or an illegal attack are increasing, which is known as cybercrime. Apart from the data breach, the biggest cybercrime is data manipulation. A reliable security system with multiple layers on multiple levels spread across programs, computers, and networks is a good defense to such cyber crimes.

Cyber threats can be acknowledged with only a little awareness. These attacks are categorized as below:

  • Confidentiality attack: It includes acquiring personal data like bank account details, identification documents, credit card information, and similar.
  • Integrity attacks: It consists of personal or enterprise leaks like exposing confidential data which can ruin reputations.
  • Availability attacks: The main aim of this attack is to deny access to personal information unless they pay for it.

These attacks can affect your devices and network anytime:

For it, such cybersecurity cells are provided either by the government or private sectors to help curb them. With digital advancements, the need for cybersecurity is rapidly growing. Many people are choosing cybersecurity as a career option. In order to produce skilled workforce, many universities are offering regular courses. A course of B tech computer science syllabus includes all the knowledge of basic and advanced systems with a specialization in cybersecurity.

Some of the outcomes of the cybersecurity course are:

  • A prodigy in public and private cryptography fundamentals
  • Ace in the protocol of security service
  • Leaders in security threats and countermeasure networks
  • Advanced knowledge of technology and security issues
  • Advanced expertise in internal and external threats

Scope Of Cybersecurity In Today’s Digital World:

Like any other career, a career in cybersecurity and ethical hacking entails a structured methodology. In the world, especially, the Asia-Pacific region is emerging as a transpiring market for cybersecurity solution contributors. Evolving economies such as India, China, and some South-East Asian countries drive that progress.

Many reports suggest that the demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing 3.5 times more than other technological professions. The present global value of the cybersecurity industry is USD 106 Billion. Professionals estimate the worth of the cybersecurity industry by 2023 will reach USD 639 Billion. 

With the rapidly growing industry, the opportunities for cybersecurity professionals are many and varied and continually increasing.

The Future Is Ahead

There is a shortage of cybersecurity professionals in the world. The increased imposing threats are leading to an ever-increasing demand of cyber professionals. With the surge, many aspirants are enrolling each year in esteemed universities such as UPES which provide broad career prospects. B Tech in Computer Science syllabus covers all the proficient industrial skills and knowledge. UPES has a class of B tech Computer science with a specialization in cybersecurity and forensics in collaboration with industry experts such as IBM.

The need for cyber experts has risen over the years with the growth of varied sectors such as e-commerce, e-banking, social media, e-government, and similar.

The prospects are enormous and growing in both the private and government sectors. Cybersecurity is pivotal for the growth of India and every other nation. As different technologies develop, the demand for cyber professionals will rise.

Looking at the road ahead, the prospects are high.