Scope of LLB Courses in 2019


Scope of LLB Courses in 2019

Law is one of the most renowned professions in the entire world. It is a necessity, a spear of justice and a need for humanity across all walks of life. As one of the most intellectually challenging careers, studying law is advantageous in all ways a budding student can dream. Whether it is about wearing a black court uniform, making a change by working for a social cause or even a corporate lawyer – an LLB degree can make all that happen.

Knowing the LLB course details is essential to know the scope of this degree. Most students have a different idea of law as a profession. Law is typically associated with wearing black barrister robes (which is true), but it is only a small part of what a law degree can enable. The scope of the LLB course in 2019 is way more than just courtroom. In this article, we will provide the LLB course details that actually matter – the scope and opportunities of LLB in 2019.

Criminal Lawyer

Criminal law is the most exciting area of law that deals with prohibited conduct in society. It is the area of law that involves a range of things – from enforcing criminal law to defending allegations against the violation.

Criminal lawyer protects the society, an individual’s constitutional rights, helps present case and state of defense and advises on potential consequences on a course of action. It is a great field to specialize in and one of the reasons why so many students study law in the first place.

Corporate Lawyer

Corporate law is a budding profession that is highly rewarding from both learning and earning points of view. It is detailed with insights into the corporate world. After pursuing LLB course, becoming a corporate lawyer will enable to work on an organization’s legal team. It can even lead to working with the best law firms that provide legal counsel to private limited companies.

The pay is lucrative, and in a couple of years, corporate lawyers can earn a much higher amount than their colleagues in different fields. A corporate lawyer’s primary role is to ensure compliance of regulations, to facilitate mergers, to design the legal policy and framework of the organization and much more.


A lawyer is far more equipped to start an organization solely for two reasons – they know the legal regularities and have enough contacts to make things happen. Since lawyers understand both the corporate and legal world – they are far more equipped to avoid the pitfalls.

Since the last two years have already witnessed much growth in the entrepreneurship section – law can make it possible for those with an independent spirit. One can set up a legal firm or even business if they have the right idea.

Civil Services

Civil services remain the best bet for fresh law graduates for many reasons. Firstly, law graduates know the entire legal framework – from the constitution to the intricacies of Indian penal code and civil code. A career in judicial services also comes naturally to law graduates.

In fact, most judges in high court and supreme court are lawyers. Civil services provide all that a student can imagine from a career. Excellent perks, salary, power and an ability to make a  difference in the life of common man – all this is possible with a career in civil services. It is a widely recognized career option, and people look forward to becoming IAS, IFS, IPS and even judges in the court of law. So, to pursue this career option, know the LLB course details and prepare for UPSC exams accordingly.

Social Work (Government, NGOs, Corporate Social Responsibility)

The society has many problems and if someone wants to make a real difference – becoming a lawyer can kickstart that dream. Social work is something that everyone in the society relates to, and lawyers can make a difference here.

Lawyers are best equipped with sufficient knowledge to carry out social work. Whether it is about filling litigations or working for a cause, the understanding of the legal framework helps a lawyer to make a difference in society. Lawyers can work with government organizations, NGOs and even on corporate social responsibility side with private organizations to bring positive changes in the community.

Academia and Teaching

There is a dearth of good lawyers who can teach the next generation of students. Even though academia is not the obvious choice, it is highly lucrative and rewarding. Academia provides peace of mind and a much better work-life balance.

With a law degree, a student can look into pursuing a career in academia. Teaching at a university will require a master’s degree – so students can look for the required LLM and LLB course details if they wish to pursue this path. Teaching also provides many opportunities to travel the world, provide counsel and even work on solo practice. It’s a win-win situation through all lenses.

The scope of LLB is at an all-time high. In 2019, it makes for a brilliant career option where students can have a fulfilling career ahead of them. Check out LLB course details of universities like UPES that offer specialized LLB courses including corporate law. Whether you want to be a criminal or a corporate lawyer – the specializations will make a huge difference in the outcome. So, make an informed choice and get on with it!