Selecting A Perfect Mangalsutra Design


Selecting A Perfect Mangalsutra Design

Of all the jewelry you wear on your wedding day, the one which becomes a part of your everyday life is your Mangalsutra. One of the most cherished pieces of Indian gold jewelry, The Mangalsutra is something you are unlikely to choose for yourself. After all, the groom’s family will choose it for you!

Here is a quick guide on how to choose this important piece of wedding jewelry. It will give anyone buying it the clues they need on how to pick the one you will cherish, rather than lock away.

Decide what tradition decrees:

Every region in India has a specific design which is enhanced with the workmanship which makes it unique. The most common designs are ones which have plain black-beaded chains with gold pendants. However, these are usually used as daily wear substitutes for the traditional one. If you hail from Maharashtra, your Mangalsutra will necessarily have two gold vattis. A thick gold chain called a Thaali Kodi adorns a Tamil Bride’s neck. However, a heavy Karthmani Pathak is worn by a Coorgi bride. Do speak to your elders to determine what kind of Mangalsutra is worn in your region before exploring options to customize the design,

Adapting to modern trends

While the ostentatious Mangalsutras of yore perfectly complemented traditional attire and lifestyle, the woman today prefer a more subtle look. Besides, if you spend a lot of time donning western wear, or are a working woman who spends hours commuting, a heavy Manglsutra is not something you will be able to wear every day. Consider picking a versatile design which you will not only be able to wear regularly. Also, consider one which can be effortlessly paired with a modern look. A diamond Mangalsutra is a go-to option for most women looking a permanent addition to their ensemble.   

Decide the length of your Mangalsutra

The standard length of a Mangalsutra is 16 inches, but you may prefer one which is shorter or longer. Do buy one with a sturdy clasp and some extra loops so that you may vary the length slightly.   

Pick a pendant

Even if tradition requires you to add a specific pendant to your Mangalsutra, you can easily find one which holds a special appeal for you. Look for diamond-encrusted pendants to add to your black-bead or gold chain necklace.

Pay attention to the quality of the Mangalsutra

While you may be tempted only to focus on the latest Mangalsutra designs, it is equally important to make sure you are buying quality you can trust.

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