Spending your holidays in Puebla in the best hands


Puebla is the most visited coastless city in Mexico, and there is no wonder why. This city breathes life, history, amazing people that will make you feel welcome and a strong tradition of local craftsmanship. If you want to discover the wonders this city hides, then you need to stay in a hotel up to the task. Luckily, the hotel Rosewood Puebla opened its doors under a new name, Azul Talavera Hotel. Plus, we can not stop recommending it for your visit to Puebla.

Stay in a hotel with a lot of history

A lot of planning needs to be done when we intend to travel abroad. The place where you decide to stay will mark significantly how this travel develops. Usually, a bad hotel often means a bad holiday experience, negating all the positive experiences you could have from the other elements of your travel. Thankfully, there is a place that has recently earned its place among the best hotels in Puebla Mexico: Azul Talavera Hotel. 

Azul Talavera Hotel opened its doors under the name Rosewood Puebla back in 2017. However, it changed its name back in December 2019. Even when the name is new, the values of this hotel have remained the same. At Azul Talavera Hotel, the client’s needs always come first. Because of that, when it changed its name, the hotel did not close its doors. This means that it did not affect the customer’s bookings or events that had been previously scheduled. Azul Talavera also kept the same team of professionals, in order to guarantee the best service to its visitors.

This hotel was built in on three historical buildings in the neighborhood of San Francisco. You can find this in downtown Puebla. Since 1987, this neighborhood has been part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The hotel itself reflects the history of this city, with traditional native themes on its decoration and pieces of local craftsmanship in the suites.

Enjoy the best Mexican cuisine 

Within the Azul Talavera Hotel’s facilities, we can find a restaurant known to be among the best gourmet restaurants in Mexico. It is named Pasquinel Bistrot, and by mixing traditional Mexican ingredients flavors and local ingredients with European inspirations, you will be able to experience a whole new world of flavors. The dishes in this restaurant are original creations of a prestigious Mexican chef, who has gained a reputation among its peers as one of the best chefs of Mexican food.

If you decide to have lunch on this restaurant, you can chill afterwards in the hotel’s cozy  coffee shop or, if you decided to have dinner, you can enjoy a few drinks in one of the hotel’s bars. 

The best location for your big day

Our wedding day should be one of the most important days of our lives. We all want it to be perfect, so in the future we can look back at this day and smile. Recently, Puebla has become a popular destination to get married. The city’s charming avenues make out for a wedding that will look like straight out of a dream. A clear favorite among people looking to celebrate Puebla weddings is Azul Talavera Hotel. 

The hotel comes with a 300-year-old private chapel and refined ballroom, but what makes this hotel so special is its beautiful venues. Azul Talavera Hotel has 4 wedding avenues available: 

  • Patio Azul, which mixes nature with excellent indoor views and can host up to 120 guests. 
  • Trinitarias garden, which is a beautiful garden built next to the ruins of an old convent and has the capacity to host up to the incredible amount of 500 guests. 
  • Patio Rosa, a colonial-style venue surrounded by nature which can host up to 60 guests, making it the ideal location for a more private wedding.
  • Patio Verde, which mixes modern architecture with the historical site of Los Lavaderos de Almoloya. This venue can host up to 80 guests, making it a perfect place for cocktails.

But the Azul Talavera Hotel is more than just beautiful venues. This hotel has a team of professional wedding planners that will assist you in planning every aspect of your wedding, so you just have to sit and relax in the hotel’s bridal spa.