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The Top 5 Mobile Monitoring Apps to Snoop on Someone’s Device


Snooping seems vicious but we need it when we want to track what others are up to in our absence or what they try to hide from us. This is very natural; we all want to know everything about people around us, and particularly, our kids, life partners, and loved ones.

People now use the cell phones for their daily interaction, which is why knowing them will exactly equate how, when and whom they interact. Snooping a smartphone is not an easy job but mobile monitoring apps make it a lot easier to track someone remotely and monitor their daily activities on-the-go.

Currently, there are around 50 mobile monitoring apps but not all of them are worth the use. We have recently reviewed few cell phone software to spy on phones which are rated high by customers for their features and applicability and here is how we see them.

Here is the list of Top 5 Spy apps for cell Phone:

#1- XNSPY mobile monitoring app has 90% accuracy in executing its spying capabilities and is highly rated cell phone software to spy on phones. This spy app has a cache of features including tracking GPS Location, recording calls, and surroundings, and tracking text messages, photos, and videos. The app is compatible with both Android and the iOS.

Here is the list of unique features it has:

App Blocking:

XNSPY helps you block games and apps whenever required because the excessive screen time can affect your child’s grades and health.

Watchlist Alerts:

This feature will help you get alerted of the added contacts, words and locations in the watchlist. Whenever the spy app identifies the watchlist entry, it will notify you.


Geofencing is an extended applicability of Watchlist Locations where you can add a specific location to the Watchlist and get alerted when it is breached by the target person. It also monitors when the device holder check-ins and check-outs from that location.

Monitoring Instant Messaging apps:

XNSPY, the cell phone software to spy on phones can also monitor instant messaging apps like Viber, Skype, Facebook etc. It helps you to monitor the messages, photos and videos shared via these apps.

SIM Card Change Alert:

If the target device holder will try to trick you by changing the SIM Card, you will receive a SIM Card Change notification. In that case the spy app will ultimately start tracking the other SIM Card.

It is a fully-functional spy app which tracks the activity of the target device in secret mode. None of your monitoring will ever be busted. Moreover, you will find this snooping tool quite reasonably priced when compared to other mobile monitoring apps. The Basic edition is $8.33/month while the Premium Edition is as cheap as $12.49/month. This app is a very sound solution for one-step-ahead tracking of children.

#2- mSPY is the most popular spy app which is used for monitoring children and partners. It’s user-friendly and the tracking activates as soon as you download the app on the phone. The app runs on iPhone without jailbreak where you have to use the target device’s iCloud credential from iCloud backup to monitor the cell phone activity. Some of its key features are:


It tracks the keystrokes on the cell phone to monitor the password, web searches, messages, and more.

Block Websites and Phone Calls:

The app will help you block inappropriate websites and phone calls on the target phone. In addition, you can also restrict apps on target phone whenever necessary.

Cell Activity Data Upload:

The activity data of the target device can be uploaded through Wi-Fi or cellular network, which is very necessary if you have limited data plan. The upload criteria can be handled through Account Settings.

Responsive Customer Support:

Most of the spy apps interact with their customers through e-mail or support ticket but mSPY gives full access to its customer representatives via phone, email, online chat, and remote assistance.

The app has better features than most of the spy apps for iPhone and Android. If you are not tech-savvy but want to snoop on someone’s device, this app will help you to do it in a better way. However, its Premium Edition will cost you around $200 which is expensive.

#3- FlexiSpy is a very reliable app for monitoring your child or partner. Most of its features are similar to what the spy app market already has but the Extreme version offers odds like Call Interception and RemCam.

Call Interception:

The call interception feature will help you intercept and listen to calls live. For this, you don’t need to wait when the call finishes and is ready for download for monitoring.


This remotely activates the camera of the target device and records what is happening around.

Record Surround:

You can also convert the target device into a microphone where it can record the sounds of surrounding for monitoring. However, this will not be intercepted right away and you have to download the file to listen to the recording.

FlexiSpy is pricey but rich in features. Make sure you need all of them before wasting your money on an “Extreme” app.

#4- Highster Mobile is very powerful spy app for Android. Most of its features do, what they are supposed to do with a one-time purchase and no recurring fee. But it is not as versatile as xnspy and mSPY for monitoring. Still, you will need the features it has:

GPS Tracking:

It will know all the time where the target device is going. The data keeps on uploading on your online control panel and in the case you miss out the real-time tracking you can keep tracks through Location History.

View Text Messages, Call logs and Photos:

You can easily snoop over the text messages, call logs and photos of the target device.

Apps and the Browsing History:

You can also check the installed apps and browse history of the device.

Monitor Instant Messaging apps:

This app will help to spy on instant messaging apps like Viber, WhatsApp and Facebook, and even Snapchat messages. However, this feature works only on rooted devices.

#5- PhoneSheriff is a very useful mobile monitoring app and easy to install on the device you want to monitor. It has a usual set of features like call logging, GPS Location Tracking, and monitoring photos and videos.

Geofencing Alert:

The app virtually restricts the target device from specific locations. You just have to add these locations to your watchlist and receive notifications in case the target device crosses the demarcation.

Profanity Alert:

Adding words to Watchlist which are forbidden or vulgar. This filter is very necessary for kids.

Block Services:

This restricts the access of the user to specific websites, contacts, and apps.

These features are worth the subscription fee and you will always find the apps robust and easy to install on every target device.

Final Thoughts:

For us, XNSPY wins all as it is high-rated among its users and has a very reasonable price for what it offers. Moreover, most of the customers reported satisfaction with only a few incidents of service outage, primarily in the case of Internet disruption. Overall most of the apps do what they are designed for but essential is to create the whole spying experience a very legit application for users. mSPY is competitive but expensive. FlexiSpy is one step ahead with its Extreme version making you believe it is better to hack than to spend a whole $300+ on the yearly subscription.