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Things to keep in mind while buying the best knitting machine

Best knitting machine

Many years ago, knitting was a necessity for many, in order to clothe the family. But today it is more like a hobby or a craft that people love to pursue and take an avid interest in. while any love hand knitting, many people have turned to knitting machines that are less time consuming and more efficient at creating beautiful designs. But do they give the same satisfaction as the knitting done by hand, I’ll never know. So the search is never ending for best knitting machine.

Knitting machines have come to be more and more in demand lately, as the knitting is done at a faster pace and more intricate designs are able to be made by the knitters. Plenty of designs and models of knitting machines are available in the market, that it becomes rather difficult for knitters to decide the best among them.

You should buy knitting machine by judging the criteria of best knitting machine

So, here we have listed down the types of best knitting machines, which will help you cut down the list as per as your requirement. Not every machine will do the same work as the other and also only some will work on a variety of fabrics or do all kind of complicated stitches. So, it is important to know the makes and types of machines that are available in the market.

   1. Types and Makes of Knitting Machines :

All the knitting machines generally look alike in appearance, but they differ in functionality. One type of Knitting Machinery might be better suited to a knitter than the other machine, thereby leaving the decision of the model on the knitter. But he has to make a distinction between the types.

   A. Manual Knitting Machines
You must be wondering why it is called manual knitting machine when we have to do the knitting by hand. Relax; it is a machine that requires you to move the needle manually to create the patterns you wish to create. It is relatively an easier way to get a hang of using machines to knit.
B. Computerized Knitting Machines

A computerized knitting machine uses a computer to create designs and patterns, where the computer may be inbuilt or hooked to an external computer device. This model is used to create more intricate and complex designs using the computer interface. The drawback of this model is that it is quite expensive to maintain and repair this kind of knitting machine. The latest version of these knitting machines are CNC based Knitting machine.

C. Punch Card Knitting Machines

A manual knitting machine that reads the punch card attached to it is better than the manual knitting machines. They do not work as expertly as the computerized one, as the needles have to change itself according to the punch card placed in the knitting machine to produce the desired designs.

 2. Knitting Machine Material

Once you have decided which model suits your needs best, consider the material with which the machine is made. The only difference in the material is the one the needle bed is made of, either plastic or metal. I’m you sure you’d have guessed that the metal one will be heavier compared to the metal one, bulkier and pricier too. But apart from this, there is not much difference in the action of the machines.

3. Gauges of the Knitting Machines

When you are deciding which knitting to buy, the gauge of the knitting machine is one of the deciding factors. The gauge determines what material the machine can use. The finer the gauge, finer the yarn that is required and finest the fabric and designs it will produce.

Basically, there are three types of gauges available for the knitting machines

 A. Fine Bed Knitting Machine

Knitters who want to knit fine fabrics such as laces use this kind of gauge. The knitting is so fine that it can create intricate designs and finely knit fabrics. This design has its needle 3.5mm apart.

   B. Standard Bed Knitting Machine

This machine has its needle 4.5 mm apart and thus needs heavier yarn to produce less intricate and delicate designs and fabrics. For instance, Jacquards can be produced with standard bed knitting machines.

   C. Mid-Gauge Knitting Machine

A mid gauge knitting machine has its needle 6.5mm apart and is best suited for the heavier yarns and is easier to learn. Thus, this type of machine is recommended for the hand knitters looking to learn machine knitting.

Knitting by hand gives a creative satisfaction, but you cannot discount the excitement of creating more intricate designs and patterns that can be created using the knitting machines. Though learning to use one might take time and practice, but you are hooked on one, the joys of knitting would increase in folds.

Buying a knitting machine requires deep research into its types, gauges, materials, and suitability. To buy the best knitting machines, you can search xdknitmachinery.