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This Week In Entertainment: Audrey Geisel, Netflix, and More

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Audrey Geisel Dies At 97

Audrey Geisel, widow of famed author Dr Seuss, died Wednesday. Reports say she died peacefully in her home. Geisel outlived her husband by almost 30 years, who died in 1991. Following her husband’s death, she founded Dr. Seuss Enterprises. In addition, The company helped create various projects, including Broadway’s Seussical and the new adaptation of The Grinch.

She married her husband, real name Theodor Geisel, in the 60s. Both came from a previous marriage, and when they married Audrey sent their kids away. She said “They wouldn’t have been happy with Ted, and Ted wouldn’t have been happy with them. He’s the man who said of children, ‘You have ’em and I’ll entertain ’em.'”

Netflix Tops List Of Entertainer Of The Year

2018 has been a good year for Netflix. They’ve won an Oscar for an original film, briefly surpassed Disney as the most valuable media company, and expects to end the year with around almost 150 million users. Because of this, The Associated Press named Netflix as the Entertainer of the Year.

Currently, the company is valued at over $100Bn. They also have many household names working for them. They promised to spend $8Bn on projects in 2019 alone. However, they expect to have stiff competition from other streaming services. After a strong 12 months, though, Netflix will most likely remain on top.

Penny Marshall Dies At 75

Penny Marshall, star of the sitcom “Laverne & Shirley”, died Monday. She died at her home at the age of 75. Reports say that the cause was from complications of diabetes. She had also been in remission for both lung and brain cancer.

The actress, who also directed big hits such as Big and A League of Their Own, was the first woman to have a movie gross more than $100M at the box office. In addition, she was known for her instinctive directing and her endless retakes. Her final screen appearance was on the new version of The Odd Couple.

Gotham Releases Final Season Trailer

Hit TV show Gotham released an almost 4 minute long trailer. The trailer, for the final season of the show, give fans a taste of almost everything. It finally reveals Bruce Wayne as Batman, although the character was in the show beforehand. The tagline for the season is “The Dark Knight Is Coming.” It airs on January 3rd at 8 p.m. on Fox.

Fortnite And Lawsuits

Although not really known for its originality, there’s no denying Fortnite has been a huge impact on culture. However, Epic Games, the creator of the game, is under a lot of lawsuits right now. Fortnite allows players to use emotes while in game, and many of these emotes are dances based off of popular moves.

Because of the dances, many of their creators are suing Epic Games for copyright infringement. People like Alonzo Riviera, who starred in Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, and the rapper 2 Milly are examples of this. The problem is, it is hard to determine whether or not they actually are infringing. Whatever the decision is, the future remains unclear.