This Week in Business: Trump Civic Tests, HBO, and More

civic tests

Experts Warn That Trump’s Civic Tests May Harm Business

President Donald Trump’s plans for civic tests may harm US businesses. Experts claim that the plan may keep highly skilled applicants from entering the country. The test has the potential to screen out immigrants that are highly skilled, often working in the tech industry.

The plan, which is not detailed fully, already asks for these immigrants to take tests that are similar to citizenship tests. Trump plans to follow a point-based system that does favor those who speak English, are well-educated and are highly skilled.

The “Build America” visa needs more details before experts can say for sure how many highly skilled workers may be kept out of the country.

Immigration policies are already making it difficult for American companies to hire employees via the H-1B visa. “Employers that have positions that require highly skilled workers often struggle to find employees to fill them. They frequently turn to foreign workers who have the skills they need and seek to obtain H-1B visas for them. However, the process has become much more difficult since Trump took office,” explains Bonita Cho.

HBO Film Set Destroyed

613 Automotive, also known as 613 Auto, burned to the ground this week. The filming location was part of “I know this Much is True,” a show featuring actor Mark Ruffalo. The “look” is why HBO chose the location for filming. It is the entrance to Ellenville, and the company has had to relocate to a location down the road.

613 Auto is working with other automotive shops in the city to work out the remaining vehicles that were not destroyed in the fire.

The tight-knit community plans to fully rebuild the shop. HBO has not stated whether or not they will film at the new location when it is rebuilt.

Warren Buffett Invests in Amazon

Warren Buffett, the legendary investor, made a big move this week when he purchased a chunk of retailer Amazon. The initial details of the deal were slow to be released, but they have since surfaced, with Buffett investing $900 million in the company.

The figure gives Buffett less than a 1% stake in Amazon, so his investment, while massive, is small in comparison to the value of Amazon.

The move comes at a time when Walmart announced that they will be forced to raise prices on some items due to the tariffs on Chinese goods.