This Week in Child Custody: Steve Gill, Miguel Cabrera

steve gill

Steve Gill Ordered to Pay $170,000

Steve Gill, former conservative commentator and political candidate, was ordered by a Williamson County judge to pay $170,000 in a child support dispute. His ex, Kathryn B. Gill, sought $236,000 in expenses relating to the couple’s sons.

Kathryn asked the court to hold her ex-husband in contempt if he failed to make child support payments.

The two divorced in 2011.

Steve, a radio show host, failed to show up to court. The judge found Steve in contempt for not appearing in court or seeking legal representation. Steve Gill must pay $170,000 before the end of the month and will have to pay a total of $245,300.

Expenses that are covered include attorney fees, interest, medical expenses, a vehicle and $133,000 in college expenses. All of the expenses were for the couple’s children, including $86,000 in child support which was not paid.

Miguel Cabrera Child Support Payments Cut to $14,000

Tigers star Miguel Cabrera was originally ordered to pay his ex $20,000 per month in child support in March. However, a Florida judge has overruled the decision. He requested that Cabrera pay $14,000 per month instead.

Cabrera makes $30 million a year, and he will not have to pay back $90,000 in back child support under the new ruling.

He will also not have to pay for the $1 million home for his ex. However, he will pay her $6,776 mortgage. Cabrera can also choose to pay for the entirety of the home so that he can be free of the debt.

He will also not have to pay for the children’s college tuition, an expense that he protested.

Cabrera will have to pay a total of $5 million for his children’s 18 years of support, including tutoring, healthcare, schooling, housing and travel.

“Little expenses add up quickly and they are much more difficult to track than large expenses. The reality is that these little expenses can often add up to be as large or larger than expenses for tuition, medical bills, etc,” explains

Somerset County Arrests 37 Parents That Owe a Total of $1.3M in Child Support

Somerset County New Jersey ran an operation between May 7 and May 9, including 39 officers, that arrested a total of 37 men and women that owe back child support payments. The arrested owed $1.3 million in total.

The operation is meant to remind parents of their commitment to pay child support.

All of those arrested had a child support warrant pending at the time of their arrest.