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Top 5 Dangerous Social Networking and Dating Apps for Children and Teenagers

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Technology has been advanced dramatically over the years, it makes everyone dependent. Now we can see nothing is possible in the world without technology such as smartphones. These tech creatures are responsible for plenty of issues in the modern world for young children and for the teen. They have access to the social networking apps and dating apps which can cause serious issues in their lives. Therefore, developers have created cell phone monitoring app in order to spy on all trendy instant messengers and dating apps. However, there is following digital media apps and dating apps every parent should need to know.

Top Social Networking apps:


The mighty Facebook messenger is the best platform for teens to chat, group chat, media sharing, and VOIP calls. The cell phone needs to have the internet connection, and the social networking app needs to be linked with their added Facebook friends. The user can send and receive messages and photos and videos.


It is one of the greatest social apps; a user can use it after downloading from the play store. It is compatible with any kind of Android, IOS and even in window phones. Most of younger teenagers spends time in party, texting, messaging, audio and videos calling, sharing videos and can do conversations. The voice calling is free of cost and chats and conversations are very effective for users.


It is one of the oldest messengers in the history of the digital apps. But with the passage of time, it has developed plenty of new features which still make it one of the most effective tools in the modern world. The user can make chats, conversations audio and video calls. The user can send emails, images, and emotions while chatting. Therefore, it is also the greatest app in the contemporary world for young teens.


It is another very familiar IM application among the youngsters; you don’t need to use this app with the help of contact number. The user can add their names and can do chat with 50 people single handed. So, teens do chats, group chats, and text messages and can receive images, GIFs, and memes.


Teen who really want to chat, voice and video calls and want to send cool stickers, news feed and can add friends with the help of NFC. Young teens are very fond of line chat. It offers user-friendly features, which can be understood easily.

Top Dating apps:


It is one of the most famous and dangerous dating app for teens which allows children tries to shake things up. Young kids and teens can make the match on these dating platforms. It allows a female teen to make their first move. She can give the response to their opposite gender within 24 hours a day and for the male teen to accept the emotions within 24 hours. It is very famous among the teenagers.

Clover Dating App

The application is coming up and will use will be able to do pick up the people for their conventional means. People would be able to make matches online with the help of this particular app. The user can set up dates, a mixer can join, you can use it as event finder and dozens of other features are being created. Young users are very crazy for this particular app. It will allow the user to make the free chat, a user can set the profile and can also use this app for making friends only.

Coffee Meets Bagel

We have asked youngsters that which one is their favorite dating app. We have discovered that the Coffee Meets Bagel is the most influential dating app for teens. Young teenagers who are interested in anyone can send messages to whom in which they are interested. Matches can have private rooms in order to chit chat with each other. Teens can get memberships which have plenty of other features.


It is actually a dating app but for locals. Young teens can find out the nearest one through GPS tracking. It makes matches among the nearest ones. The people who are living in your areas, their profiles automatically pop up on user profiles. It is also popular in the United States. You can do chat after connecting with the people online. Its users are teenagers.


The rain of social networking apps and dating apps are a very terrible scenario for parents. They can protect their young kids and teens with help of cell phone spying software effectively.