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Interesting Facts About Samsung Galaxy S6 Features & S6 Edge Features.

Top 5 Interesting Facts About Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge


Samsung’s new Galaxy S6 flagship smartphones have powerful processors, very high resolution screens and a new metal and glass design. They’ve ditched the plastic. The samsung Galaxy S6 features are completely revamped, but sacrifices have been made in pursuit of premium materials and a curved screen in Samsung’s war with Apple.

1. Probably the best pixel density for any phone currently in the market


Samsung has brought all of those same great qualities of Galaxy Note 4’s display down to a 5.1-inch size in the Galaxy S6 & s6 edge. Curved or not, the Galaxy S6 has one of the most pixel-dense screens available. The 5.1in screen has a quad HD resolution with a density of 577 pixels per inch (ppi), making it denser than the 432 ppi Galaxy S5, 401 ppi Apple iPhone 6 Plus– and 43 more pixels per inch than the 534 ppi 5.5in LG G3, which is downright crazy, while also keeping all of the same features. Brightness, colors and viewing angles are all good.

2. Improved multitasking


Multi Window has been one of the major features on most of Samsung’s Galaxy lineup for making use of the bigger screen, and the Galaxy S6 has a completely revamped version of the feature. This time around the GS6 also includes the new Pop-up app feature that was first introduced on the Note 4, giving you yet another multitasking option.

The S6 uses Samsung’s own Octa-core 64-bit Exynos processor. Samsung has moved away from relying on outside suppliers like Qualcomm to provide chips for most of its devices. In the past, most models of the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S devices featured Qualcomm chips, while models with an Exynos chip had limited availability in Asian, European and African countries.

3. YOU can’t add an SD card, but there’s lots of storage available


Though many Samsung fans aren’t pleased with the fact neither the Galaxy S6 nor Galaxy S6 Edge feature a removable back, there is a good chance the Galaxy Note 5 will also have a unibody. This is especially likely if Samsung opts for an all metal and glass design on the Galaxy Note 5.

Now that we know the whole story, things aren’t nearly as bad — the minimum storage offered on every GS6 model is 32GB, and there are options for 64 and 128GB if you need it as well. Thankfully it seems most carriers are offering at least one of the two higher storage capacities, no matter what color or model of the phone you choose. And with the base storage amount being bumped up to 32GB, quite a few people will be fine with the entry-level option.

4. Don’t get it wet


The S6 and S Edge are 6.8mm thick, which is 0.1mm thinner than Apple’s iPhone 6, although both are roundly trounced to the thinnest smartphone crown by the Oppo R5, which is just 4.85mm thick.

To achieve that thickness and premium design, the S6 has lost a few features. A microSD card for adding additional storage, waterproofing and a removable battery are all missing, which was a cornerstone of Samsung’s previous Android smartphones.

5. Quick charge 2.0


Samsung sealed up the Galaxy S6 so you can’t access the battery, but in return it added in wireless charging capabilities. And while other phones support just one wireless charging standard, the Galaxy S6 supports both major standards — Qi and Powermat. That means you can charge up your Galaxy S6 on any wireless charging pad you find, whether it’s the often-found Qi pads or the few Powermat chargers based by some major retail chains.

Wireless charging is great for casual top-ups and overnight charging, but when you need more battery and need it now, it’s good to know that Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging tech has you covered. Of course you can use the charger that comes in the box with the phone, which will charge up the phone as fast as possible, but also know that any charger that’s certified as Quick Charge 2.0 compatible will also work!

As long as you have the proper charger, you can expect the Galaxy S6 to get charged up at the rate of one and a half percent battery per minute, depending on the current battery charge — that’s pretty quick, and enough to get charged for a long day (or night) in very little time.

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