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Top 5 Latest Food Trends 2018

Top 5 latest food trends 2018

The importance of maintaining a healthy diet is gaining more and more attention and that trend is expected to continue in the coming new year. Doctors have long been advising us to change our lifestyles, adding healthier foods and a more active physical fitness routine.

It looks like we’re finally ready to listen. People are beginning to realize that eating better foods isn’t just helping us stay healthier longer, but it’s also helping us keep our younger looks and our high energy levels.

With that in mind, here are the latest food trends 2018 which are expected to take the year by storm.

Top 5 Latest Food Trends 2018:

1. Sugar and Carbs Are Out

Sugars and carbs have been taking quite a bit of hate in recent years and there’s no sign that’s going to change anytime soon. As nutritionists and fitness experts continue to promote the benefits of a low sugar, low carb diet, more people are using this time to kick their bad eating habits.

It’s not all our fault, however. It’s difficult to find any snack that isn’t packed with sugar and carbs. That’s expected to change, as we head into the new year. Already, food manufacturers are recognizing the demand for healthier snacks and lining store shelves with items like roasted vegetables and sweet potato chips – that’s why the best-selling popcorn oil will soon be made from coconut oil.

2. Protein and Complete Meal Drinks Are In

Here’s another trend that was initiated by fitness enthusiasts. For the weight trainers especially, protein drinks have long been used to help build up lean muscle mass.

Now, as we start seeing more complete meal drinks hit the market, there will be a wider call for these products. In addition to boosting protein levels, these handy drinks also offer up a serving of convenience for those with hectic lifestyles.

Some people are opting to take a protein drink on the go, instead of taking the time to sit down and enjoy a lunch. While that may not be the best use for these beverages, it is a popular one.

3. Turmeric Will Be 2018’s Big Wonder Food

Tumeric is primarily found in Indian food, giving a spicy kick to those curry dishes, but recent studies found that it also provides a number of health benefits. As the natural benefits of tumeric becomes more widely known, expect to see it added to recipes and meals everywhere.

What does turmeric do for us? For one, it contains bio active compounds that boost digestion, but that’s just the beginning. In China, turmeric has long been used as an anti-inflammatory, while its primary ingredient, curcumin, packs a punch of its own. Curcumin acts as an anti-viral agent, an antibacterial agent, and fights against cancer. Laboratory tests have also suggested that, following liver disease or damage, curcumin lowered cholesterol levels and enhanced liver function. It is also considered as a food that improves fertility. Researchers continue to study the effects curcumin has on the body.

4. Fermented Foods

This is a fairly new trend and, as such, has yet to really catch on, but that’s expected to change by the end of the year.

Fermented foods act to boost the digestive system, as well as giving our energy levels a jump start. For these reasons, fermented foods are a big draw to those who are in search of food that lose weight. A more efficient digestive system ensures our bodies are getting the most out if the nutrients and proteins we’re intaking.

Meanwhile, those energy levels keep us motivated to exercise and follow through with our fitness goals.

5. Dehydrated Foods

You’ll notice fruits weren’t specified on this point. That’s because people are enjoying more than the standard dehydrated fruits, though they are gaining in popularity once again. Additionally, dehydrated chicken and beef snacks are getting plenty of attention and are expected to be a big thing in the coming year. There’s no word on vegetables yet, but they can’t be far behind.

While dehydrated snacks are certainly quick and easy, they’re also being recognized for their health benefits now. Dehydrated fruit packs all of the vitamins and nutrients with which we’re familiar, while also making a great on-the-go bite to eat. The dehydrated meats offer a protein fix, while also limiting carbs, making it an ideal snack for those trying to lose weight.

As we head into 2018, the trends show people want to live healthier lives, but want to do it without sacrificing too much time. From complete meal drinks to dehydrated foods, people are giving their body what it needs with a healthy, convenient snack. Elsewhere, the trend will be to consume foods that act to fight off disease and degeneration.


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