Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid as a First-Year College Student


Many students receive their college admission letters with a lot of excitement.  It is with the same excitement that they join college. Of course, everyone expects college to be fun because it is the first time away from home. However, this freedom comes with its unique risks. As a first-year college student, it’s easy to make mistakes.

The fact that this is a new experience coupled with excitement and curiosity makes it easy to make mistakes.  In this article, you will learn some of the most common mistakes freshmen make and solutions  to avoid them.

Prioritizing Social Life

Most students yearn to join a college far away from home to experience a true feeling of freedom. After living confined within the family environment, college life provides your first real experience of freedom and this can easily overwhelm you.  One of the major mistakes first-year college students make is to prioritize social life over academics.

You might end up partying too much at the expense of your classes and academic projects which will inevitably lead to problems with your professors. To avoid this, plan your time properly and prioritize academic activities. Creating a balance between studies and social life early in college will help you throughout the rest of your college stay.

Trying to Do Everything Alone

In college, there is a lot of academic work to do and you will feel overwhelmed if you try to do everything alone. There is no shame in asking for help from your professors and other students. If you feel stressed out, make use of the college counselor to avoid a breakdown. Remember that many students drop out of college due to work overload and never return. To avoid the same fate, seek help whenever you feel stressed out.  When you have too many assignments all at the same time, consider a essay editing service for your writing tasks.

Missing Too Many Classes

Since elementary school, going to class has always been the most loathed experience in school. It was mandatory which made it even worse. Once you join college, you might become tempted to miss classes because there’s no close monitoring.  At first, it might not seem like a big deal but when the tests come, you will find it hard to catch up. Avoid missing class during your first year because this might grow into a habit and you will always play catch up by reading other students’ notes.

Taking Too Many Classes

It is easy to overload yourself with too many classes during your first year and this is a major cause of stress. To avoid this, talk to an academic advisor in college and find out the minimum number of credits you need to graduate. If you realize you don’t need some of the extra classes, drop them early to avoid a juggling act throughout your freshman year.


If you don’t find a perfect balance between academics and social life, you will always end up rushing to beat deadlines. Procrastination is a big problem for first-year students in college because there’s so much to explore. If you let your social life eclipse your academics, you will soon find yourself struggling with your classwork.

Whatever problems you encounter during your first year in college, always seek help.  For your academic writing projects, you can use an experienced dissertation team for topic ideas and writing services.