Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Start To Play Golf


Many will tell you time and time again that golf is not a sport; just a hobby. But it’s a fact that every sport originated from a hobby. Gladiators emerged from the instinct of people to hack and kill. Soccer arose from the pastime of kicking a ball around the field in ancient China. So what makes golf so different from the rest? You slash a miniature ball with a stick, hoping against hope that it lands in a small hole dug into the ground far away. Even getting the ball anywhere near the hole requires considerable skill. So how is golf not a sport?

However, we aren’t here to argue a fact (that golf is indeed a sport). We are here to determine, once and for all, why you should start playing the game. One visit to a scenic course, like Algarve Holiday, will be enough to make you indulge in the sport. But before we dive into that plush grass and experience its level of opulence, here are five reasons why you should start to play golf.

Golf Improves your Health:

How long does it take to traverse yards upon yards of lavish green plains, just to get to that circular dimple and putt it as gently as possible? Admittedly, you have your buggy to take you there in no time, but would you be able to enjoy the soft crunch of the grassy plains beneath your feet, admire the exquisite trees on the horizon as they slowly pass you by, and feel the steady wind on your face as you march toward your goal? Brisk walking, they say, is the best form of exercise, and you can revel in it on the golf course.

Skill Development Plays a Major Role:

If you thought that golf was simply about hitting the ball, trying to get it as close to the hole as possible, then you can never be more wrong! A first-timer can barely even touch the ball with his/her club; much less make it soar into the sky. You need to have a proper physical form and know how to judge the speed and direction of the wind. Add to that the intensity with which you need to hit the ball so that it lands anywhere around the hole, and you have your set of skills right here!

The Art of Socializing:

When you play golf, you don’t just play the game alone, unless you’re practicing. More often than not, you will be playing it with a friend, a coworker or your boss. Trust me, businessmen love the sport as much as a kid likes ice-cream. So if you’re trying to build contacts, why not take your associates to the course rather than hosting a party at your house? You will find a lot of time to discuss business with a colleague while walking the long, woeful distance toward the hole.

Golf Reduces Stress:

Do you often find yourself frustrated due to reasons aplenty? Did you know that long term stress often leads to serious mental and physical illnesses? The sudden swish of the club coupled with the soothing whoosh of the ball searing through the still morning air as it catches faint glimpses of the stunning countryside is bound to pacify your nerves in an instant.

Character Building at its Best:

Golf is a game of patience. If you hit the ball on the wrong side of the course, you need to reach the area and try to hit it back into play. It simply won’t do if you get worked up about such a simple anomaly. And as we know, patience builds character, and a good character makes for the best boss or employee any given time of the day!

Finally, rounding it all up, golf is all about improving health, reducing stress, developing skills (social and physical) and building character. It’s the perfect recipe for boosting your business, social or personal standing. Go figure!