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Top 5 Online Stores Where You Can Buy Diamond Jewelry


If you are a fan of diamond jewelry and really enjoy the convenience that online shopping has brought to the world, then we have good news for you – you can buy your diamond jewelry from the comfort of your home. Online jewelry stores have grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years, with more and more of these stores being launched every year.

While some of these retailers have been reported to be on the “scaly” side of things, there are a lot of online jewelry retailers that offers a trustworthy service, a wide variety of diamond jewelry to choose from and, of course, the convenience of being able to shop from anywhere and from any device – even your smartphone can now be used to shop for the latest diamond engagement ring or diamond earrings.

There are numerous reports on the internet that claims online jewelry retailers are often scamming people. Reports usually claim that people paid large amounts of money for a diamond product, and never received their product or, when they did receive their product, it was not the same as they initially purchased. This can be an unpleasant experience.

To ensure you do not become a victim of these scams while shopping for diamond jewelry on the internet, we’re going to tell you about the five top online jewelers that have a reputation for being trustworthy and for delivering high-quality products.

#1. James Allen

Our top selection for online jewelers is James Allen. James Allen is currently one of the most popular online stores dealing in diamond jewelry, as well as many other gemstones. The primary selection of products offered by James Allen includes their engagement rings and, of course, their wedding rings. Apart from these particular products, the company also offers many other types of fine jewelry. Their fine jewelry line includes:

  • Diamond and gemstone rings
  • Diamond and gemstone bracelets
  • Diamond and gemstone necklaces
  • Diamond and gemstone earrings

In addition to their exquisite selection of diamonds, James Allen offers a series of precious gemstone options, such as the pink sapphire, their red rubies, their green emeralds and their blue sapphires.

#2. Blue Nile

If you are looking for brilliance in your desired diamond, then Blue Nile is the perfect online jeweler for you. This brand offers a wide selection of diamond jewelry, with their series of engagement rings, wedding rings and wedding bands being the most popular amongst all of their offerings. Blue Nile also offer different material types for their jewelry, including platinum, white gold and yellow gold. The company also features some jewelry with pearls and different types of precious gemstones.

Browsing for the perfect piece of jewelry at Blue Nile is very easy. They offer a variety of filters that can be used to find that ring, earring, bracelet or necklace you are after. Customer can browse by price, by jewelry type, by the type of metal utilized in the setting of the jewelry or by the type of stone fitted in the jewelry.

In addition to their wide selection of sophisticated jewelry, Blue Nile has many added value services that makes their service even better. They offer free local shipping in the United States on all purchases, as well as free returns on unwanted items.

#3. Brian Gavin

For custom diamond jewelry that is made to fit the individual needs of every customer, you need to take a look at Brian Gavin. This particular brand is most certainly not the cheapest one on the internet, but they do tend to provide jewelry that is often more exquisite and exclusive than many of the other brands on the internet, but their prices surely match the uniqueness that their jewelry resemble.

Another unique aspect of Brian Gavin is the fact that the brand frequently releases new collections of jewelry. Every time they release such a collection, they take the needs and preferences of their clients into account to ensure they meet their expectations.

#4. Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. offers the perfect balance between pricing and quality. The company offers a large selection of jewelry types that clients can choose from, which certainly includes something for every occasion. Whether you need an engagement ring to propose, a set of wedding rings, or an elegant watch to give a loved one as a birthday gift, Tiffany & Co. has all you need.

This is an international brand, with branches in Europe, the United States, Asia and other countries; thus making their jewelry collections available to the vast majority of clients that might be interested in buying from them. For those who wants the convenience of online shopping, buying a piece of jewelry from Tiffany & Co.’s website is really just a click away.

#5. Kay Jewelers

Our final entry in the list of five top online jewelers is Kay Jewelers. While not the most popular brand on the internet, Kay Jewelers is certainly still worth a look at, especially by those who are tight on the budget. This brand offers a sophisticated collection of engagement rings, as well as fine jewelry items that can be used for occasions other than an engagement or a wedding.

There are many attributes that makes Kay Jewelers a worthy online retailer to consider if you wish to buy a diamond ring or another piece of jewelry on the internet. The company also offers a reward system for frequent buyers, which gives you cash back on your purchases that can be used later on to buy more jewelry from the brand.


For many people, buying diamond jewelry on the internet can be a little troublesome. There are a lot of reports going around about people that were scammed into paying large amounts of money for diamond jewelry, and then receiving fake diamonds or not receiving any products at all. In this post, we looked at the top five online jewelers that you can buy from with confidence, knowing that you will receive a high-quality item without any compromise.