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What Should You Do Before Walking: Rules Of Walking



Walking is one kind of physical exercise. It is the most important physical exercise for any kind of people. It gives us fresh mind. Everybody should regular walk in the morning, then body and mind will be fresh.

Before you go to walk, you should take the things you need. Also before going to walk, you must be careful about the outdoor weather. If the weather is bad, must go outside with the helmet to exercise. When the outside weather is hot, surely you have to wear good cloth to protect. While going to walk, you should keep walking gear, maps, waterproof jacket, etc.

Some rules of walking you should follow:

Before starting your daily walking schedule, you should know about walking rules. This is the safety for you. When you decide to start walking, you need to know about your road. Some rules of walking you should follow are given below. 

   1. Face traffic When Walking on the side of the Road:

When you walking on the road, you aware about the road. Sometimes you must face traffic jam. If there is no footpath, you should sele the right road.

   2. Cross safely:

You should know about road crossing time. Try to maintain the traffic rules properly. Often we follow over the bridge, to overcome road accident. Every day many people are falling in the road accident and many people lost their relatives. Mind it, many drivers are careless, so you need to concentrate on both sides.

   3. Walk single when Not separated from the road:

Unless you are not maintaining pedestrian lane, an accident may happen. You should maintain the signal. When you walk single, you are not separate from the road. If you are enjoyable walking on the road, drivers do not expect it, you can lose your best walking friends.

   4. Stay aware of bikes and runners:

When you walk single on road, you should aware of bikers. When you listen biker’s bell, should pass right or left road safely. You may meet a severe accident unless you don’t wear a helmet. Sometimes bike and walker together met an accident resulting in bones or head injury.

   5. Be visible:

Bright colors cloth is best for the daytime walking. On the other hand, the light color cloth is best for night time walk because it is visible. Drivers are not expecting with you in dark time walk. You should maintain signal and should increase visibility by your clothing.

   6. Be predictable:

When you walk on the road, you should follow one side road. As a result, you end up.

How to start walking for exercise:

Our muscles are ready to take the load of regular exercise. A basic movement is most important for all of us. You should maintain a discipline during walking. Walking is the most beneficial for our body. Some tips are given below about how to start walking for exercise.

  • Good place:

At first, find out the best walk place. The walk place should contain smooth surface, nice environment and free of people. If your walking path is curved and too slippery, you must have footwear. If you are not footwear, you felt pain. Be sure wearing correct and appropriate footwear.

Music may help you provide some recreation. Music increases your speed. You should avoid the stressful topic. It can spoil your mind. Sometimes when you lose energy, music will be helpful. So, you should hear music for the walking time.

  • Set expectations for your work:

Set the expectation for your reference. If you agree with the real, you can start working slowly. You can use a notebook and calendar to remember the work on and you can see small success. Note that the walk is a light physical body for which physical exertion is not very much needed. You can walk an hour with an appliance so you do not need any weightlifting.

  • Develop a mental attitude:

You must be mentally prepared to begin to exercise properly. This will make it easier for you to make an exercise. You cannot do this exercise without being mentally prepared. Do not expect that you will get faster results. You definitely need to walk regularly for improvement. This will boost your body fitness and make you slim faster.

  • Hydrate maintain:

To walk well, you must drink 8 to 16 ounces water at least 1 hour before walking. If you want to walk more then you will have to drink a lot more water. When you walk during the summer, then there will be plenty of water out of our body. As a result, you will dehydrate. You can take the time to walk with the water so that you can drink a little while and be refreshed all the time. There are some people who consume more quantity that is not suitable for exercise. Do not drink too much water so that you need to go toilet.

There are 10’000 steps in the walk. If you try to walk fast, you can fall various types of accidents. When you go and where to go must be select for you. Before going to walk you must be mentally prepared and you must have a calendar and notebook accordingly. There is no such thing that you have to go out for a walk, you can get up from home stairs once and you can go back up and you will get a good exercise. Exercise leads to good health and it reduces osteoporosis. Now osteoporosis is the common problems in the world. So every person should regular walking and stay free from various stresses.