Who Will Win the Champions League in This Season?


The current season is one of the most interesting in the Champions League. After several years of the “Real’s” domination, the fans have seen a real competition in the struggle for the most prestigious club trophy in Europe.

It’s very interesting to watch the tournament because several clubs pretend for the victory in the tournament at the same time. The most obvious favorites are:

  • “Manchester City”;
  • “Barcelona”;
  • “Bayern”;
  • “Juventus”.

With it, group matches have already demonstrated that it’s really impossible to go through the eventful distance without failures. That’s why fans love the Champions League matches, as each of them may end unexpectedly.

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Candidates for Cup

We can note Turinese “Juventus” that was quite confident in the group stage (except the home match against “Manchester United”) and has been one of the main candidates for the victory in the tournament for many years. Now, the team of Allegri has a cool squad that’s able to fight not only on the home arena, but also on the international one.

The main aim of “Juventus” is to be concentrated on the competitions, which may become a key to the great result of the team. In the current season, even some leaders’ problems haven’t prevented the team from scoring.

The other advantage of the team is the fact that it feels quite comfortable on the home arena. There is a high probability that at the beginning of the play-off round the gap between “Juventus” and other teams will be so big that it’ll be able to focus on the Champions League while other clubs will have to solve some domestic problems. In such an environment, it is very important not to lose the tone and be always ready.

With it, there are only professionals with serious intentions who feel the motivation of Cristiano Ronaldo who wants to win the most prestigious club trophy of the Old World for the 6th time. We’ll see whether the Portuguese player and his partners do this in the current season.