Why a Digital Design Company Isn’t Only For Big Businesses

digital design company

There are two ways small business owners try to convince themselves not to get the services of a digital design company. The first way is to tell themselves that knowledge has become so democratized. They can find all the information they need to do all the work an agency does themselves. Second, they tell themselves that they’re too small to even consider hiring an agency to do anything.

Let’s address the first point briefly. Just because you’re able to access countless recipes online and are a fair home cook yourself, it doesn’t mean you will be able to make several meals as incredible, as fast, or even as economically as an experienced chef could. And even if you could, doesn’t mean you also won’t need fast food ever so often. And if you say you could do it, you already would have done it.

Next, the idea that small organizations should not spend resources on digital design agencies is outdated. As a matter of fact, for reasons we’ll get into later, this hesitance can even be holding your business back.

Here’s why hiring a digital design company is a wise choice for many smaller organizations.

1.) A digital design company is more affordable than hiring internally

There are a lot of costs associated with hiring an internal team competent and large enough to cover all the bases you need. Not only will you need to allocate time for training, but you will also have to give them the tools they need to succeed. This ensures that you’re not setting them up to fail. You are also paying for their time regardless of any output they produce. Plus, you are also paying for their benefits when they become a regular employee.

In contrast, agencies equip, train, and pay for their own employees. They have the resources to start on your project immediately, and you only pay for any output produced. In terms of output per dollar spent, they cost less in most cases, even when you already have a team that is well-oriented and properly equipped to do the job.

2.) Good design is a powerful force multiplier early on

Having professional-looking print materials, animation, web design, packaging, and social media designs can go a very long way in helping build trust in the initial phases of your business, when you are still trying to attract investors and qualified leads. You might not think it’s much, but even improving a rate of return by 5-10% from any platform or medium can be significant, considering you may spend as much or more without a design company to help guide you.

3.) You benefit from years of collective experience in a digital design company

Many design companies have specialist designers working in a variety of fields that have worked for a wide selection of different organizations. Early in the life of your business, it can be critical to have that expertise on board, even if it’s just on a per-project basis. It may very well help you avoid committing a fatal mistake early on.

4.) Their processes can ultimately benefit your own

A huge part of what any agency sells is its processes. Their processes are what helps them produce work consistently, and to a given standard. Working with a professional digital design company can be the impetus that leads to similar objective-based thinking within your own organization.

For a small business that is still on their way to building their own capabilities, hiring an external digital design company is a no-brainer. Getting the services of an experienced agency early on can set the groundwork for more focused, objective-based growth later on.