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Why Regular Dental Check Up Is Important


Taking good oral care is important. However, you need more than that to maintain healthy teeth and gums. You need to eat a proper diet as well. Not to forget, regular dental check up is also very much important for dental care.

In fact, you should visit at least twice a year to the dentist for check-ups. This is how any potential dental problems are detected and then treated at any early stage. Not visiting the dentist means ignoring your dental health which should never be the case.

Why regular dental check up is important?

There are a variety of dental problems and we might not be able to know them all. We only know how it feels when we have toothache or when we feel pain in the teeth or gums. We can also recognize cavity with ease. Beyond that, we’re not as capable as the dentist so we fail to know if any dental issue is festering.

What are assessed or analysed with dental check up?  

Check-ups give a complete idea about your dental health and this is why the dentist recommends it to see if you need any treatment.

Here are things dentists check or analyse with regular check up

  • The dentist examines not only the teeth but also tongue, throat, face, neck and head.
  • Checking beyond the teeth and tongue means the dentist tries to find any sign of cancer or swelling.
  • The dentist checks for cavities as when they appear between the teeth, they are not easy to find out.
  • Early detection of cavities means your teeth are saved deep damage and simple treatment does the trick.
  • The dentist checks for or analyse plaque and tartar build up.
  • Plague often leads to gum diseases and if not removed, it becomes tartar which can’t be removed.
  • Your gums are examined and measure the space between the teeth and gums to find any potential sign of issues.

Benefits of regular dental check up

Dental check-ups are important and getting them done regularly is more important. This is how your dental health is maintained and you remain free of diseases.

Here are benefits of dental check-ups –

1. Save your tooth and gums

Check-ups are a great way to save your tooth and gums. They let you know the problems that are about to grow to cause irreparable damage to your teeth and gums. The dentist thoroughly checks and assesses your mouth and finds any signs of diseases of any nature.

2. Maintain good health

Did you know that gum diseases can lead to heart attacks and strokes? More so, not having healthy teeth and gums can impact your digestion a great deal. In a sense, regular check-ups keep you away from many health issues and from heart hospitals.

3. A whiter, brighter smile

When you visit the dentist for check-ups, you are told the right way of cleaning, flossing and maintaining your teeth. The dentist recommends how to brush, how to wash the mouth and how to follow oral care regularly to keep diseases away.

4. Balanced diet 

Regular dental check-up means you become aware of the diet and you know what foods to eat and what to avoid for dental health. The dentist analyses your teeth and gums in a proper manner and advises you foods items to eat and what to avoid. This is how you stay away from dental diseases.

5. A boost to confidence

Visiting the dentist regularly keeps your confidence level up. Because you know that you’re free from any dental problems. This is how you lead a quality life free of diseases.