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Worst dancers in Bollywood : Hilarious dance steps


From Jitendra to Hrithik Roshan, Bollywood have seen so many great dancers. But on the other side, there are Devgan and Deols too. They have an excuse that actions heroes don’t dance. But Bollywood has its own rules. Here, Heroes must have to sing and dance. Moreover, their are some very talented actresses in the list who are, unfortunately, not so talented as a dancer. Lets check these worst dancers in Bollywood and their hilarious dance steps.

Worst dancers in Bollywood :

5. Ajay Devgan :

We don’t know why he dances! He is always uncomfortable and over-conscious with his dance moves. Off let choreographers have started to present his dancing sequences as a comedy scene.

See how his dance steps are designed in this video. Hats off to Tamanna to remain gorgeous and compliment Ajay’s hilarious dance steps.

4. Sunil Shetti :

Sunil Shetti can barely dance, but he has an awesome ability to manage the show. Check out the song Jhanjhariya from movie Krishna. Bollywood has seen so many good action sequences from him, but at the time of dancing, its always a comedy.

3. John Abraham :

Be it a dance sequence or a emotional scene, it always seems like John is in workout session. His big biceps and broad torso never helped him to groove for songs. Any how enjoy this nice song and see how he manages his steps.

2. Sanjay Dutta :

From Yalgaar to Zila Gaziabad, its always tough to digest the dance steps of Sanjay Dutta. Some time he shows karate skills and some time its only facial expression! Check his hilarious dancing skills in this video from movie ‘Policegiri”.

1. Sunny Deol :

With stiff moves, Dharmendra like steps and dhai kilo ka haath…Sunny Deol is obviously secures the 1st place of this countdown of worst dancers in Bollywood.

Check out some unforgettable dance steps from Sunny Deol in song Yaara-o-Yaara from movie Jeet. Kicking ground and throwing punches in air, all starts from 01:18. But if you want to see the worst move, check it at 02:30. Kudos to the choreographer too, for this master piece.

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    • Hey Ptr, this is the credibility of Bollywood! They can project even the worst dancers as quite entertaining.
      The 4th song at 02:05.
      Check the no 2 song at 0:40 to 0:52.

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