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Your maternity health is very important!


Health is a very important phenomenon that it decides the future of our life. We work so hard and earn so much but with  bad health, little we can do. Maternity health is very complex and it is very important for every mom-to-be to maintain  good health. When you conceive there are a lot of changes that will take place in your body and some of them include high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and weight gain. These are very common and will go off on their own once you deliver. Hence it is very important to take proper care of your body during this phase. Your hormones are the reason why such changes happen.

In most of the maternity hospital in Bangalore, there are special pre-natal classes for women which help them cope up with the changes during this period. I had my mom by my side when I was pregnant. Emotional support is very important when we are at this period. Regular walking, proper diet and a happy is all that is needed for a healthy pregnancy. Some of us think that pregnancy can be painful but it is not. Pregnancy can be the most beautify period of one’s life. The thought of entering the phase of parenthood gives us a new meaning to our life. There are plenty of things about pregnancy.

When I was pregnant, attended a pre-natal and pregnancy yoga session in one of the maternity hospital in Chennai. This was one of the most memorable experience as a pregnant woman. Looking at other pregnant women, sharing stories, stretching yourself a bit and hearty laughters were my best days. Remembering those days now put a smile on my face. There are very simple and realistic things that every mother wants to happen during this phase. One of them was, having a normal delivery. Though normal deliveries are far from being easy now, we still hope for it.  At one point of time, I felt that C-section was better than normal delivery. Yes, my mood swings are to be blames. This is another such factor which the upcoming moms need to fight. Your frequent mood swings will make you feel as though you are the worst person on the planet. Having a person like your sister on your side during this phase will give you the right companion to fight with and also the right mood to get going on.