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5 Fundamental Tips : How To Care Shoes?

how to care shoes

On a weekend you have visited a shopping mall with your family and in the mid of marketing your eyes stuck on a pair of shoes. Little much expensive but will fit your budget. You have bought that pair and back in your home with full of joy. Using it daily basis and in a fine morning, you find there is something wrong with your favorite one. May be the stitches or sole or the leather gets disputed. This is a common problem with any one of us. We do not maintain our shoes properly. Actually, we are very casual about how to care shoes? Don’t neglect it, because the shoes are the most important part of our personality. You should aware of the way to care for your shoes.

How To Care Shoes?

Maybe you have owned different types of pairs. May be you are the lover of only snickers and your friend’s choice is leather shoes, but the basic of maintenance for all these types are same. Let’s find out the simple but necessary way outs for your shoe care.

   1. Regular Polishing and spraying will do the trick.

Humidity, water splash, and muds are the significant factor for your shoe’s deterioration. If you can protect your pair from those anti-elements, let’s hope that you have done almost 60%. Whenever you unpack a new pair, polish it or spray with a waterproof protector. The outer surface of your Leather shoes like Stacy Adam’s Shoes stays protected from getting spoiled with the regular use of waterproof spray or polish. Also, the use of brush and suede spray can do the trick.

   2. install some extra supports.

Most of the time you will find the bottom of your shoes that means the soles get damaged or about to damage. It happens because of the total body weight and the friction, both come into act. Though it happens hardly for the expensive one, but everyone can’t afford that. So it is best to go to your cobbler and Add taps and rubber half-soles to the bottoms. It takes hardly few dollars but extends your shoe’s life for several years.

   3. Keep it Clean.

When you come back from your office or from the outside, you never notice that your shoes carry a lot of mud or rubbish. If those unwanted things sustain some days with your favorite pairs, You have to prepare for buying a new pair. Those mud and dust or whatever directly affect your shoes. Hand wash is the best way to clean your canvas or sneakers. Just mix shampoo and water and gently clean the pair and soak it properly. The regular practice of such cleaning will prolong your shoe’s life. If there is an odor problem, you can clean the inside of your shoes with tee tree oil or anti fungal agent.

     4. Use an alternate pair.

May be this is your favorite one, but don’t use it day after day. It is never good for your most-liked shoe. It is better to use an alternative one to keep some rest the earlier.So that the total load will be divided into two. Never forget to clean and soak the pair properly before putting them in the shack.

   5. Don’t allow the damage to a severe one.

You have maintained all of the above way outs nevertheless, you may face some sorts of damage in your preferred shoes. May be it happens for some accident or anything else. The best way to minimize the damage is to repair it as soon as possible. If you continue with the damaged one, It will leave your company. So it is the best way to go to your shoe repairman. He possesses the tool box and easily he can repair the minor damage.

Tha’s all. just maintain these simple steps, and it is sure that your shoes will last for few years more. It is not only for your shoes, also beneficial for your foot care. If you have some other ideas please share with us in the comment section below.