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The Best Productivity Apps and Software of 2017


Does your productivity need a boost? Have you ever considered the benefit of using technology to improve your performance in the office and home? Technology has advanced over the last decade, and people now can harness the power of tech to improve their lives.

We put together this list of relevant and popular apps that you can use in your daily routine to improve your productivity and get more done with your time.


First thing in the Morning

The morning is the most productive part of the day. However, if you fail to get started with your daily work, then procrastination can set in, and you will lose valuable hours to trivial tasks such as browsing websites and checking your social media accounts.

It’s important to get a good start and using Trello will help you achieve just that. Trello is a collaboration tool that allows you to manage and work on multiple projects with team members from remote locations. Trello has convenient to-do-lists, easy to manage dashboards and a user-friendly interface that will help you stay on top of all of your daily activities.

You can use Newton to manage your email accounts. This handy tool allows you to view all of your mailboxes in one convenient dashboard, saving you the time of logging in and out of your different accounts in the morning.

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Take Your Time

Managing a remote team can be a challenge. However, using tools like Basecamp and Time Tracker will help you manage your team wherever they are in the world. Basecamp is a collaboration tool that allows you to manage multiple campaigns all from one dashboard. Communicate with team members and send them instant notifications of any updates made to the project.

Timezone will ensure that you never accidentally call your team members in the middle of the night. This tool shows you the location of your team and their local time, allowing you to manage your communications.


Improve Your Focus

Do you find yourself wandering off when you should be working? FocusList is specifically designed to provide a solution to this problem.

This app combines the power of a to-do-list, with timeframe notifications that keep you updated on your progress and on track to complete your work. These use of technology will surely boost your productivity.


Manage Your Documents

Managing your documents from a mobile location can be a frustrating task. Finding a mobile-friendly PDF solution with full functionality was an impossibility, until now.

Soda PDF has released a mobile-friendly PDF suite that can be accessed directly from your device. With Soda PDF you can use the Soda PDF forms creator to create invoices, statements, opt-in forms, and internal documents for your organization.


For the Ride Home

Technology even has you covered on your ride home. Use Blinkist to discover summaries of non-fiction books that condense the material into fifteen minutes or less. If you are a fan of podcasts, try out Overcast to catch up on all of your favorite celebrities and their podcasts.


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