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Efficient Ceiling Fans: What You Should Know


Highly efficient ceiling fans are the best opponent of the air conditioners in the summer because of its excellent price range, low utility bills and a great savings. The best part is that you can use a ceiling fan to keep your room warmer in the fall and winters, meaning a ceiling fan is multipurpose and an all-weather favorite. Plus, there are various types of ceiling fans which compliment the home décor as these are fashionable and some are customizable.

In addition to all these, you can choose from indoor ceiling fans to outdoor fans, as per your requirement. So, what are the things to consider before buying a ceiling fan? This article is a concise guide for the first time purchasers and existing users planning to order more.



The size of the fan means mainly the size or the length of the blades. The diameter of a ceiling fan depends on the dimensions of the room where you want to use it. A small bedroom will need a small fan, where as a large room or a kitchen will require bigger ceiling fans.
Larger the blades are, more area covered and better airflow. From 29” to 54”, you can pick any size according to the room size, for example, if the room is as large as 400 sq ft, a 52” or larger fan size is recommended, similarly, if the measurement of the room is limited to 75 sq ft, a fan size anywhere between 29”-36” would suffice. So choose your perfect one from PowerHouseFan.com

Length of the Downrod

The height of the ceiling from the floor determines the length of the downrod. The recommended ceiling height should be above 8’ for using a ceiling fan. Anything below 8’ is good only for flush mount or tower fans.

So, if the height of the room is above 8’ or between 8’-10’ you can select a small downrods between 3”-12”. For a ceiling height of 13’ or higher, you can select a downrod of 36” or more.


The motor consists of several small apparatus which move the blades constantly. An efficient and Energy Star Rated ceiling fan will have an excellent motor efficiency. A cheap and poor grade motor will produce more noise and less airflow. The consumption of electricity also depends on the motor.


Do you need a ceiling fan for your porch or your bedroom? Your answer will help you choose between indoor and outdoor fans. The damp rated fans are suited for outdoor locations, you can use them in the garage, patio, or a porch. The other kind is ideal for bedrooms, dining halls or in the kitchen.

Home Décor


Do you know about the eco-friendly exotic ceiling fans? These are extremely great for cool wind on a hot summer afternoon. Such fan blades are made of wood, palm leaves or other eco-friendly raw material.

The tropical ceiling fans add a great taste to the home décor. These look elegant and the variable blade hues merge with the ambience.

Remote Control

Controlling the speed of a ceiling fan has become easier with the remote controls. Several manufacturers sell house fans which can be operated just by using remote controls, so you don’t need to get up each time you want to increase or decrease the speed.

The inclusion of a remote control will invariably increase the price of a ceiling fan. So, you can ask yourself if you really need one or you can do without.

Seasonal Use

Depending upon ceiling fan models, you can choose one that can be used both in summer and in winter. The rotation of the blades is generally set counter-clockwise which pulls down the wind and splashes you with cool breeze. In the winter you can flip the direction, as a result, the fan blades will move clockwise and keep your room warm. In order to change the direction, look for the switch in your ceiling fan.

If you want to save energy, you should use a thermostat in both conditions. In the summer, set the temperature in thermostat a few degrees higher and switch on the ceiling fan, it will make the room atmosphere more comfortable.

Light Kits & Accessories

Depending on your budget, you can include light kits and pull chains. The light kits are of different sizes, styles and belong to a wide range of prices. From small bowl shaped kits to chandelier or metal frames, there are multiple options. There are multiple light kits which can brighten a room and make it look really awesome!

The light bulbs are of various types. Choose from hallogen, CFL, or LED lights but remember halogens consume more power, therefore, increases expense, whereas, the LED are the best. And once again, choose wisely and preferably an Energy Star Rated light bulb so you can save energy.